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  1. Batman of the Synth
    by Retro Promenade
    Deadshot Deadshot
    Amazing album, from Intro to final track, this bleeds Batman.

    I can not write enough to do this compilation Justice, I mean that. This is everything it needed to be and more.

    You will not find an album that pays more tribute to Batman than this.

    Why more people don't own this collection, I'll never know.

    Fav track: Literally the entire album.
  2. Carpenter
    by Retro Promenade
    Tomb of Khufu Tomb of Khufu
    Words cannot do this compilation justice.

    This album adds to the existing musical genius envisioned and created by John Carpenter.

    You are in for a auditory escape like no other.
  3. Faltermeyer
    by Retro Promenade
    Wrong Plans Wrong Plans
    Who out there has never heard a Faltermeyer tune?

    If you haven't then this is an awesome intro into the tunes inspired by a creative mastermind.

    Do yourself a favour and watch Running Man, Beverly Hills Cop and yesterday.
  4. Grid Knights
    by Retro Promenade
    End of Line (1982) & Retransmission (Legacy End of Line (1982) & Retransmission (Legacy
    The Original is always the best.....most of the time.
  5. Judicator
    by Stilz
    Judicator Judicator
    A Re-release you can't afford to miss.

    Welcome to a future full of high-tech weapons and ruthless gangs led by brutal villains. A future almost void of all hope if it wasn't for the Judicator; a one-man-army who stands against chaos with his own brand of vigilante justice.

    Pretty sure this sums it up just fine.

    Bonus tracks are amazing and just make a brilliant album even better.
  6. Judicator
    by Stilz
    Judicator Judicator
    Welcome to a future full of high-tech weapons and ruthless gangs led by brutal villains. A future almost void of all hope if it wasn't for the Judicator; a one-man-army who stands against chaos with his own brand of vigilante justice.

    Pretty sure this sums it up just fine.
  7. Evil Awaits
    by Stilz
    Run from the Demon Run from the Demon
    Stilz just proves once again why he is one of the greats.

    A dark synth album that rivals Occams Laser, ALEX and Meteor to just name a few.

    Stilz is the master creator.
  8. Starcrash
    by Stilz
    Future Disco Future Disco
  9. Blade Runner Prologue EP
    by F.R.O.N.T.I.E.R & Stilz
    Do Androids Dream Do Androids Dream
    This in conjunction with Metropolis by Run Vaylor makes the ultimate Blade Runner soundtrack, there are no equals.
  10. Traveller
    by Stilz
    Take Me With You Take Me With You
    Stilz is a premier performer like no other. If you haven't listened to his work you are doing a disservice to yourself.

    All of his work is standout and this is no exception.
  11. Legend of Shinobi
    by Stilz
    Shinobi 1987 (Stilz Remake) Shinobi 1987 (Stilz Remake)
    Stilz is gold. A pioneer of rad. Plus you can't go wrong with anything Shinobi related practically ever.

    Legend of Shinobi makes you wish a new decent Shinobi game was in the works.
  12. Ghost Car Records (2008-2010)
    by Ghost Car Records
    Demon Night Demon Night
    So many great tracks lost, but these have been rescued and released for us all to enjoy again.

    Thank you Swedish Columbia for resurrecting these great tracks and artists.
  13. DEAD END
  14. The Hunger
    One of the greatest electronic/synth/retro acts around that just disappeared.

    This is one of the greatest albums of all time.
  15. Welcome To Warp Zone! (4-Hour VGM Mix)
    by Nmesh
    World 06: Hell On Earth / Outworld World 06: Hell On Earth / Outworld
    Nmesh has just made such a jaw droppingly awesome combination of 16-Bit tunes, news casts and trailers which makes some nostalgic listening but rad as hell at the same time.

    Over 4 hours of music makes a steal of a purchase.
  16. Khaki EP
    by Who Ha
    Khaki Khaki
    The lyrics on this song are amazing. Who Ha always amazes me with his tunes and lyrics but this, this is the best.

    Absolutely buy this without trying first.
  17. Synthwave Belongs In A Museum
    by Who Ha
    Synthwave Belongs In A Museum Synthwave Belongs In A Museum
    So Great to finally get some more stuff by Who Ha.

    Have loved all of his works from previous compilations and this album does it again.

    Such a great feel to the whole album, cant fault a second of it. All the samples just make the music more fun and nostalgia filled. He's like a brother from another mother.

    Many props to Retro Promenade for getting Who Ha's EP out.
  18. Synthwave Belongs In A Museum
    by Who Ha
    Who Ha X Tupac (WhoPac) - California Love Desert Cruise Who Ha X Tupac (WhoPac) - California Love Desert Cruise
    So Great to finally get some more stuff by Who Ha.

    Have loved all of his works from previous compilations and this album does it again.

    Such a great feel to the whole album, cant fault a second of it. All the samples just make the music more fun and nostalgia filled. He's like a brother from another mother.
  19. Metropolis
    by Run Vaylor
    Street Rules Street Rules
    The world of Blade Runner in Synth. In depth and realised with tracks like Rush and Street Rules. This is the way Blade Runner is meant to sound.

    Every track takes you to that universe, in a good way.

    Why couldn't the movie be this good.
  20. Sanctuary
    by Run Vaylor
    Sanctuary Sanctuary
    Absolutely love these tracks. Worth every penny.

    We need MORE!
  21. The Uncanny Valley
    Sentient (Feat. Hayley Stewart) Sentient (Feat. Hayley Stewart)

    Lucky I'm writing then. Perturbator has created the penultimate sound and album here.

    Its like a journey through his catalogue just more coarse, gritty and pulsing with the life of future Japan.

    There is nothing bad here, this is the future.

    Ariel ZB's artwork again is flawless the detail in this image is just breathtaking.

    Big shout out to Hayley Stewart with her mesmerising vocals on Sentient.
  22. The Uncanny Valley - Bonus
    by Perturbator
    The Church The Church
    A Bonus that is basically a fully fledged album.

    The Perturbator flair we know and love. Some great spins on older tracks as well as a few new ones.

    An absolutely excellent compliment to The Uncanny Valley.
  23. Dangerous Days
    Humans Are Such Easy Prey Humans Are Such Easy Prey
    Quite possibly Perturbators defining work.

    Dangerous Days is the best of his works merged and refined into life.

    Like all these remastered editions the artwork by Ariel ZB helps you engage more into a word defined by guttural synth beats.

    Perturbator is like the Batman or Cyclops of the Synth world, the master teacher, fighter and ultimate badass.
  24. I Am The Night [Remaster]
    by Perturbator
    The New Black The New Black
    The word that came to mind to describe this was Visceral.

    This album is gritty and dank but in the best possible way. The music creates an atmosphere and world that only the music itself can unlock.

    If you're a gamer this is the soundtrack that games like Shadowrun wish they had.

    Did I mention the artwork of Ariel ZB?
  25. TERROR 404 [Remaster]
    by Perturbator
    X-CaliBR8 X-CaliBR8
    Elements similar to music made by Jack Wall the composer of Mass Effect can be heard in this album.

    I'm a big fan of Perturbator and this remaster does him Justice once again.

    Stunning art by Ariel ZB.
  26. Night Driving Avenger - EP [Remaster]
    by Perturbator
    Night Driving Avenger Night Driving Avenger
    Remastered to perfection, the titular tune still holds its own, don't be fooled this is a stepping stone that transforms into a vortex you wont get out of.

    Beautiful artwork again by Ariel ZB.
  27. Sexualizer - EP
    by Perturbator
    Sexualizer (feat. Flash Arnold) Sexualizer (feat. Flash Arnold)
    I don't think Perturbator can do any wrong.

    The man is a virtuoso and all his works continue to prove this.

    I am always wanting more.

    Plus the Artwork by Ariel ZB on all these remasters is just freaking amazing!
  28. Nocturne City - EP
    by Perturbator
    Fantasy (feat. Dream Koala) Fantasy (feat. Dream Koala)
    This is the album for me that started it all with Perturbator.

    I hope this journey never ends and hopefully neither will you.
  29. Evil Squad
    by Raydar
    Lycanthrope Lycanthrope
    I'll be honest, I started listening to this album purely because of the Ariel ZB artwork, and I am glad I did.

    It's like being in a 80s horror, enthralling from beginning to end.

    Lock your doors and windows cause its about to get evil.
  30. NewRetroWave Presents: Equinox EP
    by NewRetroWave
    Fears Fears
    I think it's now become universal that if Ariel ZB does your cover art your album is going to be one of a kind.

    Equinox is just an album that makes New Retro Wave a record producer to follow.
  31. Rites of the Damned
    by Elay Arson
    Caged Bird (feat. Justine) Caged Bird (feat. Justine)
  32. Blood Club
    by ALEX
    Naturom Demonto Naturom Demonto
    The charm of Ariel ZB artwork strikes again.

    Alex debut Blood Club is great. A dark moody album that is great from start to finish. The opening track Resurrection sets the mood and it just envelopes you from there.
  33. AKUMA
    by ALEX & Tokyo Rose
    AKUMA (feat. Rachel McAlpine) AKUMA (feat. Rachel McAlpine)
  34. Emotions
    by ALEX
    Paradise - FT RUTA Paradise - FT RUTA
  35. Shinjuku
    by Stars Decay
    It Came from The Ice It Came from The Ice
    Ambient music at its best.

    Stars Decay has offered some excellent soundscapes to relish in and no more so beautiful and daunting as "It Came from The Ice", a chilling tribute to Carpenter.

    Again Ariel ZB's art is stunning and does this work justice.

    The charm continues.
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  36. Neon Crusader
    by Invsble City
    A track pumped full of electricity. Pulsing and moving with killer beats and tunes.

    Excellent use of sampling and synth.

    The Ariel ZB charm continues.

    A beginning I can get behind.
  37. Resist Mind control EP
    by Skript
    We are the Navigators We are the Navigators
    How much do I love this EP, I bought this EP thats how much. Skript has made some killer tracks that everyone will love.

    Again the Charm of Ariel ZB's art has landed on another awesome album.
  38. Odyssey EP
    by Venator
    Odyssey Odyssey
    Where's the Chiptune Tag?

    A great synth album with mad beats and great composition, but definitely needs that Chiptune Tag as a lot of the songs really have some great chip beats.

    Once again Ariel ZB offers some beautiful artwork, and continues the streak of Ariel ZB cover = great album, which Venator has made here.

    Listen and enjoy SynthChipWaveTune at its best.
  39. Serenity
    by sark
    04 Serenity - power cycles 04 Serenity - power cycles
    It feels like something is chasing you, its right behind you. You get brief moments of relief but its there again stalking you. There is no Serenity here.

    sark has produced something otherworldly here. I normally like albums where the songs transition smoothly but the breaks in between each song add to the feel of the album.

    The addition of great voicework from some great movies and games really add to the feel of the music.

    The Ariel ZB artwork is worth the price of admission alone.
  40. Underworld EP
    by Incantor
  41. Forest of skyscrapers 빌딩의 숲
    by Neon bunny
    Great track from Neon bunny.

    The sound is like Bjork and Veronica Maggio had a Korean love child.

    Also the Ariel ZB artwork is flawless.
  42. Youth
    by ALEX
    Friday Friday
  43. Bloodbath
    by Elay Arson
    Sun Sun
  44. Manic
    Out Of Time Out Of Time
    I am now on the Emmett Brown train, Delorean, whatever. Outstanding album and killer album art by Stjepan Sejic.
  45. VOID
    Twin Pines Mall Twin Pines Mall