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  1. Sigil On My Tomb
    by Septure
    Blown To Dust Blown To Dust
  2. Ragnarock Session
    by ZEX
    Savage City Savage City
  3. Pale Mare Demo MMXVII
    by DWOOM
    Empty Temples Empty Temples
  4. Vir016
    by Måneskjold
    Mefistofeliske Træk Mefistofeliske Træk
  5. Night of Torment
    by Shakma
    Night of the Coven Night of the Coven
  6. Spectral Ascent
    by Kabbalah
    Resurrected Resurrected
  7. Reflections
    by Ascalon
    Speed Daze Speed Daze
    by StrÖmb
    Leeches of mind Leeches of mind
  9. Conflagrations
    by Scaevola's Fire
    Queen of Evil Queen of Evil
  10. Metal And The Might / Demon Soul
    Demon Soul Demon Soul
  11. Sanhedrin
    by Sanhedrin
    Riding on the Dawn Riding on the Dawn
  12. Demo 2016
    by CANDLE
    Dancing Lights Dancing Lights
  13. Domus Mysterium
    by Slaegt
    The Tower The Tower
    The way that Slægt hit me when I first listened to "Beautiful and Damned" was totally unexpected, and I felt exactly the same about this album. The level of songwriting is some stakes higher now and the way that the solos, the arpeggios and the chords happily marry with each other results in an outstanding proof of quality. Slægt own their sound and are not afraid to explore it, within certain boundaries. The songs Domus Mysterium and The Tower are but examples of excelling at heaviness.
  14. The Invocation
    by Attic (Ván Records)
    Ghost Of The Orphanage Ghost Of The Orphanage
    I believe that quite a number of people get to know Attic like this:1.check if there are bands that dare to follow the King; 2.are nerds and follow everything Ván Records related;3.have a nerd occult heavy metal friend;4.have a fine taste for exquisite and eccentric metal.Anyway, Attic is quite a new band, beyond creative and talented and very blunt about where lies their tastes and their creative output.One thing is certain:they craft melodies and atmosphere like no one these days!Embrace them.
  15. Come, Reap
    by The Devil's Blood (Ván Records)
    Come, Reap Come, Reap
    At this time it's safe to say that TDB stands way beyond music. If it was that a few years ago, when the band was into existence, it becomes now a vehicle, a portal and a means of solitary fulfillment, uttering the Word of Satan that purports the whole plane of human experience. TDB is music beyond music, words beyond words, and mundanely speaking, "Come, Reap" is a hell of a fucking, powerful and genius album, where the message is exclusive and driven for those who expel life regardless.
  16. Ritual Rites
    by The Sabbathian
    Ancient's Curse Ancient's Curse
    I have a new favorite vocalist, I guess! And in the last few months I gathered many as a favorite because in the swamp fields of doom metal we get female vocalists doing amazing work, without subterfuge into cheesy operatic styles. Anette Gulbrandsen's voice just fits within the sound heaviness and I hope The Sabbathian releases more quality music, maintaining this addictive tradicional doom metal vein, and calling their own, as a background for their style. Cheers!
  17. The Courts of Chaos
    by Manilla Road
    From Beyond From Beyond
    More on the obscure side than well known Crystal Logic, maintaining the same magic, but somewhat enriched with darker concept, like the taking of a new path. Manilla Road knows how to be constantly mutating without losing their personality and soul. That's what makes their releases so special, all musics having the epic tone, maybe some nostalgia or sadness, and paradoxically a very positive feeling all over. A great album with great heavy metal songs, some of them more thrash-y than others.
  18. Playground of the Damned
    by Manilla Road
    Into the Maelstrom Into the Maelstrom
    Right when I was listening to Manilla Road on You Tube, Frank Santorelli @FVS_Metalhead sends this #MetalBandcampGiftClub
    THANK YOU!! Nice masterpiece released in 2011, it's so close to us in history that I can't hardly believe. I sense a doom influence passing by these songs, probably this is really a slower album than their predecessors. Maintains the epic feel that we are used to, delivering strong and catchy melodies while recalling the old flame that Mark Shelton keeps reinventing.
  19. Exorkizein
    by Possession
    Infestation - Manifestation Infestation - Manifestation
    Here at these humble headquarters the debut Possession's full-length was received with fulfilled high expectations. Since I unpacked my Anneliese yellow EP I knew that the concept of the band was to be followed closely. As I went far into its universe I was appeased for knowing that Possession continued to deliver the horrid screams and gloomy atmosphere that hold me onto their music since the first time I listened. Bravo!
  20. Chalice EP
    by Chalice
    So, got the tape today and the layout is retro and super great. The inlay band picture feels epic in a totally non cheesy way. The dub is good and a fantastic 2nd release for this underground label. I wish all the best for you! About the music Chalice play a very (very) tradicional form of epic heavy metal. Great late 80s feel on the songwriting. They are a great band and worth supporting. Up the hammers & down the nails!
  21. Soma
    by Windhand
    Orchard Orchard
    Hard to find the right words to qualify a musical piece that is still bursting into your ears and into your spirit. And if the sound intertwines itself with your emotional patterns, the harder it gets. So let's just say that Dorthia Cottrell’s voice has quite an effect on me. The sludgy guitars, the heavy rock approach, the 70s accent or the grungy spirit settles the multi-dimensions of this doom metal band, marking their place into the extreme international metal scene.
  22. Doomicvs Vobiscvm
    Conspiracy of the Dead Conspiracy of the Dead
    Inside the mystical circles of doom there's this short-lived traditional doom metal band that left a small but strong legacy of incredible songs with Candlemass spirit all over them and some unique approach to melancholy. Weird lights being upon you in your future endeavors.
  23. Unanswered Hymns
    by CHRCH
    Dawning Dawning
    If I was looking for something in doom metal I most certainly found it. Chrch are all about atmosphere and exploring the most intense feelings. By opening that door I could share that same thing. Amazing vocals add a mesmerizing value to a massive wall of sound. And that's something great to be entangled in.
  24. Rite of Ascension
    by Mammoth Storm
    Obscure Horizon Obscure Horizon
    Mammoth Storm guys know how to transform monolithic riffs and slow paced songs, into some sexy sounding melodies that are impossible to resist. Do listen to every section of both magnificent themes and judge for yourself. I'm very curious about the full-length but meanwhile I need to grasp every second of this EP, savoring every bit of these epic melodies.
  25. A Treatise On Resurrection And The Afterlife
    by Bog Oak
    Time Drift Of Seasons Time Drift Of Seasons
    Thanks to Chris Voss for the amazing gift under #MetalBandcampGiftClub!
    As a sonic channeling for the occult, Bog Oak, with their cryptic keys. unlocks with harshness and fuzziness the spiritual depths, while transforming the sound into a black metal-esque trait, from a moment to another, doom within black, marked by the vocals versatile majesty. A recommended release to delve in!
  26. Shoulders Of Giants EP
    by King Witch
    Shoulders Of Giants Shoulders Of Giants
    Sent this EP as a gift to Frank Santorelli for #MetalBandcampGiftClub and happen to love it so much that I bought it for myself, and I would buy it again for someone else. Totally engaging heavy/doom music with over the top guitar lines. KW music is so alive that completely absorbed me, specially because Laura Donnelly does a hell of a job on the vocals. If a full-length is coming up (hopefully) I anticipate myself under the spell of King Witch: doomed to countless replays.
  27. Venefixion - Defixio
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
    Defixio Defixio
    Brutal, in your face, well played, well composed, catchy as hell, keeps you on and on in total communion with the dark side. An instant favorite. (And also finally got the tape).
  28. Slaegt - Beautiful and Damned
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
    Move In Chaos Move In Chaos
    Slaegt was, along with Venefixion, among my best of 2015 bands. Both craft the portentous sound of Iron Bonehead. Slaegt delivers a blackened heavy metal with lots of catchy moments, played fast but without the usual blastsbeats, exploring sound patterns that seem familiar in this kind of music, but always making them sound fresh. The darkness within the riffs and lyrics flows with dark blasts of energy. To revisit and revisit at no risk of boredom.
  29. Black Speed
    by Throaat
    The Tortures The Tortures
    First wave of black metal bands came to my mind, finding in Throaat some influences that made me travel back in time. On the other hand, the band has a very eclectic sound ranging from heavy, to thrash and black metal, keeping up with the good ol' solos and some memorable riffs. Adding to the excellent artwork, this one is a great piece of metal to headbang around. Speedy travels.
  30. Il'Ithil - Ia'Winde
    by Il'ithil
    Winter Winter
    Beautifully crafted black metal with an atmosphere that constantly provides an irresistible appeal. For fans of grim, melodic and dark ambient songs.
  31. Interdimensional Extinction
    by Blood Incantation
    The 5th Tablet The 5th Tablet
    A big thank you to Majbritt Levinsen for her gift under #MetalBandcampGiftClub specially for this exquisite and inventive death metal pick. Blood Incantation was a real nice discovery thanks to Noisey music. This EP is a grower, requiring several listens to catch the details of obscure sound magic going on.
  32. Dölmenn
    Watheley's Baby Watheley's Baby
    This is incredible doom metal... or heavy metal with monolithic riffs. Excellent songwriting, amazing and expressive vocals (I can't get enough!), making your listening experience richer every time you hit the play button. This, allied with brutal artwork and super friendly label folks, is a hard to miss release. Cabeza de Caballo will echo inside your ears and haunt you with its inner darkness and weight.
  33. the Doomed and the Damned
    by Albino Python
    the Haunter of the Dark the Haunter of the Dark
    Doom stoner metal with alluring female vocals, excellent first full-length, slow death and desolation put into music and words, sucks you in it's own hell and occult madness. I loved every bit of this release, from cover artwork to musicianship. Will there be more? Hoping so...
  34. Erindi um nótt
    by Kuldaboli
    Music made around the night theme usually tends to go quite well. It's because the night inspires a deep introspection, a deep blurriness of mind and numbness of body. The ominous specters will always be lurking in the shadows and death will be whispering its secrets between the filaments of cold air. In this theme by Kuldaboli we are not lost in translation because we already speak the same language.
  35. Modern Failures
    by All Your Sisters
    Tension Tension
    Haunting, sinister, sexy, dark, obscure, so many adjectives to qualify this kind of sound so reminiscent of Joy Division, Clan of Xymox, exquisite minimal-synth gems and death-rock deepest waves. It's not a perfect sum of all this but little by little it builds a sound of its own based on the legacy left by 80s underground music. What made me instantly buy this album was the synth in "Tension" that incites the rhythm along with the drums. True gem.
  36. Topiary
    by Xeno & Oaklander
    Marble Marble
    I don't know if other fans share the same feeling with me, that we could already be listening to X&O for a very long time. And yet, you check the discography, and they are a relatively new duo. There's the undeniable dark electro from the 80s going, along with the analog synth and minimal, almost indie approach to this blippy bloppy poppy kind of sound that shaped minimal synth until today. The delicate texture of Miss Wendelbo's voice balances perfectly with the complex machine sounds. A must!
  37. Highly Sophisticated Technological Achievement
    by Das Ding
    B1 H.S.T.A. B1 H.S.T.A.
    A minimal synth must-have for any aficionado of the genre. Analogue waves feeling like future music.
    Faceless Faceless
    GREAT! I am a big fan of horror movies and listening to Killer Instinct gave me a very similar experience. I am very familiar with synth music since early age so this release came as a nice surprise. Sometimes it sounds as riff-based metal music made with synths. Sounds gloomy, creepy and harsh. What more can you ask for? This album screams for a tape release. I would buy it.
  39. Fantasmasis
    by Medo
    Medo Medo
    Embracing fear with a clever mix of synth work and a black metal approach, being somewhat one-of-a-kind. A very personal work, lo-fi and intriguing. Music turned into a cathartic mystery. Fantasmasis delivers a highly recommended kind of fear.
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  40. Volaða Land
    by Draugsól
    Bót Eður Viðsjá Við illu Aðkasti Bót Eður Viðsjá Við illu Aðkasti
    Totally overwhelming blast of Chaos. Great sound textures and use of different instruments and elements; some riffs made me shiver, the darkness is real, but I'd still need to read the lyrics to get the full experience within it (yeah..). Songwriting is supreme and the way the pacing is set in some parts must make the act of playing this music also overwhelming. I'm not fond of the successive blastbeats but I'm fond of this album as a whole and of Bót Eður Viðsjá Við illu Aðkasti in particular.
  41. From Effigies Past
    The Retribution Of Life and Death The Retribution Of Life and Death
    I think I know this voice from somewhere... Adverse raw black metal with hateful obscurity hidden behind the curtain of primeval melodies, resembling the days of old, when black metal was just this, bold in its simplicity. Looking forward for the full album.
  42. In Aeterna Crudelitate
    by Ordem Satânica
    III - IV III - IV
    The band name says it all. Screaming satanic devotion all over, literally, the Portuguese band follows the path of an elitist scene closed in itself. Not much is given for the atmosphere's sake, but it's there. Their approach is rude, crude, dirty and violent. As one does.
  43. s/t
    by Cripta Oculta
    Uma Noite de Trevas Uma Noite de Trevas
    Another release to look forward to. Black metal directly from the winners, purveyors of past glories and magicians of diverse instrumentation. A great band, so well-unknown, if you know what I mean.
  44. I
    by Segregación Primordial
    Inmersion Inmersion
    Three musicians of death hailing from Chile and playing an obscure mix between black and death metal, focusing a bit more into a cavernous occult death with great atmospheric parts. Song length appears to be just right and the riffage is really engaging. Last but not least, they have chosen a killer band name! Recommended for followers of untamed Paths.
  45. Incantations Inciting Demise
    by Thy Sepulchral Moon
    Spell I - Rain as Funerary Attendants Spell I - Rain as Funerary Attendants
    Like sheer torture in the middle of the night, during most certainly a human sacrifice, by means of a concrete wall of black/death worship, TSM deliver a very short but very blunt act of ritualized horror, with waves of distorted repetitive tones, and shrieking agonized vocals.