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  1. Night Paths
    by Northaunt
  2. Memoria Sylvarum
    by Darkenhöld
  3. CD Bundles
    by CD Bundles
    by The Great Old Ones
  5. Castellum
    by Darkenhöld
  6. Ancient Obscurity
    by Labyrinthine
  7. Celestite
    by Wolves in the Throne Room
  8. Surma Saapuu Suota Myöten
    by Hiidenhauta
  9. Eikä Aurinko Valaise
    by Hiidenhauta
  10. The Path to the Gods
    by Shane Morris and Scott Lawlor
  11. BARREN LAND (Digibook/download)
    by Northaunt
  12. Peripheral: Music For An Imaginary Film
    by Oathless
  13. Pebbledash
    by Synoiz
  14. Split Personalities
    by Min-Y-Llan & Tom Roberts
  15. American Gothic
    by Backyard Ghost
  16. Shadows Echo Melancholy EP
    by Melankolia/Upon Shadows
  17. Parallel paths
    by Cello+Laptop (Edu Comelles & Sara Galán)
  18. Curses from past times EP
    by ProleteR
  19. The Beauty of Suffering EP
    by Melankolia
  20. Foxfire And Aconite
    by Cunnan