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  1. From Whence It Came
  2. all the weight feathers don't have
    by steel tipped dove
  3. The Structural Dynamics of Flow
    by Alaska & steel tipped dove
    fuck george lucas fuck george lucas
    The Teacher is in session.
    All Wack MC’s line up.
    Alaska, I will go get the belt."
    #C•L•A•S•S•I•C• 🎤5 MICS🎤

    I’m willing to bet that this is the best case of STD’s ALASKA could have contracted.
    Steel Tipped Dove is an amazing beat smith and compliments all he touches with his unique labor of love.
    Alaska isn’t just any artist by far. He absolutely is a staple amongst Hip Hop’s Elite.
    Both of these artists have been on my radar for some time and its a real treat to see them work like this.
  4. Return To The Outer Limits
    by Matt Bloom
  5. All the Shit Left Behind
    by EGOLESS
  6. Aethiopes
    by billy woods
    by FERM
    When planets collide, gems are created.
  8. Parade...
    by randal bravery
    by Qualms
  10. a lot of years
    by Matt Bloom
    I’m a fan. Happy Birthday Matt!
    Glad I found you on Bandcamp.
  11. Zlaty Sauce Nephew
    by salami rose joe louis
    This album is a dreamy landscape.
  12. Load Bearing Crow's Feet
    by PremRock
  13. Dirtee Deacon (In T.S.O.Pea)
    by E L U C I D & Von Pea
  14. Can't Stay Perched All The Time
    by Equipto, Brycon
  15. Fragmented Messages From The Outer Limits
    by Matt Bloom
  16. Slow Burn Upon Re-Entry
    by Matt Bloom
  17. the Light Emitting Diamond Cutter Scriptures
    by R.A.P. Ferreira
  18. Diamond Lung - Jeweler's Loop (Instrumentals)
    by Diamond Lung
  19. DJ Mo Niklz presents They Who Control The Weather
    by Armand Hammer
  20. Looking For Black Soap / Few Loosies
    by randal bravery