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  1. Necrophile
    by Morgue Dweller
  2. Classification of Necrophilia ep
    by Morgue Dweller
  3. Flesh Over Finite
    by Chiliasm
  4. Into Madness
    by Apogean
  5. Грех
    by Behrosth
  6. Hidden Enemy - Проклятый Путь
    by Metal Race
  7. Navalm - Tyranny
    by Metal Race
  8. So Seelisch, So Schön!
    by Sturm Café
  9. Europa!
    by Sturm Café
  10. Lower Forms of Life
    by Logistic Slaughter
  11. Es grauet
    by UNGFELL
  12. Black Street Gravel
    by Hõbekuul
  13. Självdestruktivitet Född Av Monotona Tankegångar IV: Warakumbla
    by Hypothermia
  14. Surfbetika!
    by Dirty Fuse
  15. Let's Fly To Mars (CD​/​digital) - SC023
    by The A-Men
  16. Estacion Polar (10''​​/​​digital) - SC024
    by Jaguar Y Las Sabanas
  17. Surf The Waves Of Music With... (CD/digital) - SC028
    by Los Reverb
  18. Wave Machine
    by the_birdcage
  19. Fernes Land (album)
    by Sturm Café
  20. Only 'Verb Can Break Your Heart
    by The 'Verb