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I am a fan of underground rock music & vinyl from the 1960's-2010's. It is my firm belief that if the music is good, there are no boundaries.

It is my goal here on Bandcamp to be turned on to new & unique sounds. Bandcamp will be another alternative to the corruption of modern mainstream radio & the record industry.

Check out my fan page. You might enjoy something here.

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  1. I Am Not The Crow
    by windings
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    Sun in my Bones Sun in my Bones
    Being that this is my first purchase on Bandcamp, I am proud to find this fine discovery from Ireland known as Windings. Their album is entitled "I Am Not The Crow".

    Windings is one of those rarities in 2012 that has a distinctive sound, unlike other typical bands. "Sun In My Bones", the first track from the album, is my personal favorite. The best part about Windings is that they don't try too hard, but what they do here they do it well, and is still uniquely original. A gem!

  2. Unlimited Nights & Weekends
    by Boyjazz
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    Treat Steamin' Treat Steamin'
    Boyjazz, my second purchase on Bandcamp, is a treat & guilty pleasure for fans of classic hard rock. The music transcends the 70's & 80's, and is done very well with good taste.

    The funny part is, the album was recorded in 2006, and while retaining it's indie credo, it sounds classic all the same. This is a long overdue welcome release from a band that somehow seems to work just fine in a modern setting all it's own. A recommended album!

  3. Mothership
    by Mothership
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    Cosmic Rain Cosmic Rain
    One could be excused for believing that Mothership is another above average stoner rock band from this millennium. After closer observation, this album does begin to reveal it's own charm about it.

    It took me awhile to sort of see where Mothership are coming from musically. Rather than being copyists, Mothership are indeed an excellent band, who is paying homage to their heroes from the past. Mothership is giving us hope that 70's inspired hard rock isn't dead!

  4. JOY (2012)
    by JOY
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    Lovin' Man Lovin' Man
    JOY are a blues based heavy psychedelic rock band from San Diego, California. If you are into "heavy" acid rock sounds like Blue Cheer from the late 60's, then you will like JOY.

    One listen to the song, "Lovin' Man", will tell you what ride you are in for. If you are looking to fry your brain, or plaster your ass against the wall, then look no further than this bundle of "JOY" from 2012!

    Warning: You will be deaf after listening to this album! Just thought I'd warn ya.....

  5. The Kingston Springs
    by The Kingston Springs
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    Weight of This World Weight of This World
    Of all the releases to come out of the waning garage rock revival of the 2010's,out of nowhere, comes this band called The Kingston Springs from Tennessee.

    Spanning the tried & tested combination of blues, rock & country, it is the The Kingston Springs songwriting approach that makes their brand of garage rock fresh, unique & original, without sounding like another typical garage band parody. Thanks to The Kingston Springs for reassuring us garage rock is still alive and well!

  6. On The Loose
    by Blackfoot Gypsies
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    Don't Know About You Don't Know About You
    Tennessee State seems to be a hot spot at this time for good garage rock! If you need further proof of this, just refer to The Kingston Springs, who are also from Tennessee, and are on this page to the <<<<left.

    Basically, like The Kingston Springs, The Blackfoot Gypsies mine similar territory, with blues, country and rock influences. Mainly, The Blackfoot Gypsies country influences are dominant, but this is still highly recommended for garage fans, and quite unique musically.

  7. Kentucky Gentlemen
    by Those Crosstown Rivals
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    Bear's Den Bear's Den
    Those Crosstown Rivals are a band from Kentucky that straddles the lines between Southern rock, cow punk, garage rock, blues, hard rock and Americana. This would seem an unlikely musical combination, but this is quite unique, and it works! Utilizing the above influences, they don't sound like most bands because of how they write their material, and can only be heard to be believed!

    Those Crosstown Rivals make a very impressionable effort. Check this album out now to see why!

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    Cemetery Man Cemetery Man
    Hard Candy Hearts are an excellent garage rock band from Indiana, with some blues & rockabilly influences. There is some use of saxophone. Saxophone is a rarity nowadays in garage rock, making Hard Candy Hearts a little bit different from the pack to a degree.

    Hard Candy Hearts aren't here to try & change the music world, but for what they do, they are doing it well, all with a certain sincerity & passion. Don't pass this one up if you are a garage rock fan! Recommended!

  9. Tump
    by TUMP
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    Love My Death Love My Death
    Tump are a really good band from Texas, with more of a slight Southern rock influence. You will hear a little bit more of a rootsy vibe permeating this album. What makes this so cool though is the fact that it only utilizes the Southern rock vibes as an inspiration.

    In summation..........

    What we have here is some good old down home classic sounding rock, fried up the Southwest Texas way! Serve hot with the volume cranked to the max! Recommended!

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  10. Yer Quite Welcome
    by Live Ones
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    Disowned Disowned
    Live Ones are a band from New York. And, while they don't exactly reinvent the wheel of 70's proto punk, they most certainly pay homage to the style with grand respect, and make it their own.

    Live Ones are for those of you who cannot seem to get enough classic proto-punk, with just that touch of modern ingredients and attitude.

    Crank the volume up, this is a recommended slab of vinyl!

  11. Dimension Thule
    by Blue Snaggletooth
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    Fireball Island Fireball Island
    Here we have a cool stoner rock band with a funny name of Blue Snaggletooth. Their album is entitled, "Dimension Thule".

    On the Blue Snaggletooth Bandcamp page, they tag themseleves as psychedelic rock. There might be a couple of tracks where you could say they might fit the psych banner, but for the most part, this album is actually a mixture of stoner rock with one thrash metal track entitled "Fireball Island". Check the song out here. A killer album!