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  1. Lost At Sea (Chelsea Wolfe Remix)
    by Youth Code
  2. GrindForce Demo 1
    by GrindForce
    The Scapegoat The Scapegoat
  3. MMXVI
    by Climate
    Listen Listen
  4. On Fading
    by HADEAN
    Inertia Inertia
  5. Shimmer
    by Sleepwalk
    Shimmer Shimmer
  6. Family Friends
    by Great Plains
    Attwater Attwater
  7. The Speed of Dark: Revisited
    by Angel Vivaldi
    The World Burning Around Me The World Burning Around Me
  8. Earthbound (Single)
    by Devoted Fusion
    Because Sean told me to....
    HAHA jp
    Actually, this is highly talented work done by the guys of devoted fusion. Sean's composition talent is out of this world. Prog on!
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  9. Beatdowns On Bowery Street
    Justified Violence Justified Violence
    LoFi mutha fckin militant edge. Kicks so much druglord tookus IN YO FACEEE
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  10. Sadie Saturday Nite
    by Jean Caffeine
    Such vivid imagery and punk rock nostalgia in one nice and neat alt-country package
  11. The Reinventing Graceland EP
    by Brian Gaudet
    Reinventing Graceland Reinventing Graceland
    Brian poured so much of himself into this, it's just so real and such a good EP musically. The composition methods used here are just so well done.
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  12. 2015 Demo
    by Passing Time
    Empty Passenger Seat Empty Passenger Seat
    Such a great demo, I can't wait to hear more releases in the future. I'm a big sucker for good pop punk, and this is very good. It doesn't scream generic at all, which is a rarity in modern pop punk. Thanks Archie Alone for the introduction to this band
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  13. through the door
    by archie alone
    eighty-sixed eighty-sixed
    They're everything I look for in an emo/alt rock/indie band. The production isn't over the top, which is a good thing, because it would lose its rawness if it were too clean. The instrumentals are solid and heavily nuanced, and the vocals get right through to your feels with honesty in the lyrics. Overall, Archie Alone is a band that I got into pretty quickly because I thought they were so good when I saw them play at a gig. Don't miss them if they tour near you.
  14. Worship Him (Single)
    by Acicula
    Local band and friends of my band and I. Keep an eye on these kids, they're working hard and going places. \m/
  15. New York
    by Sharp Violet
    Demo song = starting out strong!
    -Jas XXX
  16. Nunca fue facil
    by Nunca fue facil
    De verdad De verdad
    How can you not like a record that starts out with a vocal clip from Davey Havok? Found this band randomly and I can say I really dig their energy which is captured and delivered sonically and raw.
  17. Mischief
    by Blind Justice
    Get Outta Here Get Outta Here
    Pissed off hardcore from NJ that will run you over with a whirlwind of flying fists and disgust towards the world whether you're ready for it or not. Check them out if they come through your 'hood
  18. Crystal Planet (Single)
    by Angel Vivaldi
    Crystal Planet feat. Dan Sugarman Crystal Planet feat. Dan Sugarman
    Kickass single by two very talented guitar virtuosos! Had it on repeat for so long
  19. EP
    by sleeping in
    Big Starr Big Starr
    So you like punk, emo, fuzz, shoegaze, Burlington, too? Great! Sleeping In was a stumbled-upon-it type of situation and they are now making their way up my iTunes charts. Hoping they'll tour stop in NYC so I can high-five them for reminding me of what my favorite part of college was. (hint: sleeping in). (also: their music makes me wish I had no chance of dying if I left many strands of christmas lights on in my bedroom 24/7)
  20. Keep Falling Apart 7"
    by Youth Code
    Keep Falling Apart Keep Falling Apart
    Anyone who has ever said electronic music isn't "real music" can choke on this band's discography. The amount of visceral raw energy you'll get from any Youth Code track is unmatched by even the most rowdy and overcrowded shows you've ever been to. Thematically, this band touches upon everything from social issues to cultural ailments and slams the blind opposition. Each release just pushes the envelope of creativity and advancement in their career. Youth Code Forever!
  21. Views from The Smiths
    by Calum Slingerland x Drake x The Smiths
    Heaven Knows That We Made It Heaven Knows That We Made It
    HOW THE HELL CAN ONLY 1 OTHER PERSON HAVE THIS IN THEIR COLLECTION (as of Nov 2016)?! This is one of the best things since MOZerella stix, you trippin', bandcamp!
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  22. The Wrong Way
    by Wrong Answer
    Open Fire/The Wrong Way Open Fire/The Wrong Way
    I was looking around bandcamp and found this band in someone's hardcore collection. I seldom appreciate new bands with a youth crew style, but this one was an exception.
  23. Personal Space
    by Nice Shot, Kid
    Cornered Cornered
    The only pop-punk/easycore band that I would ditch pizza for...only if I had to!

    100% fresh quality pop-punk ingredients.

    They are the few Long Island bands that I will go out of my way to see when they have a show. These guys really found their sound on this one, and I cannot wait to hear what's next for them!
  24. Demo 2014
    by Take Control
    Thrown Away Thrown Away
    Not sure if this band is active currently, but this demo is enough for me to know their live set would be fire. The production is low-budget, and it doesn't matter because the thematic elements are the solid gold here.
  25. Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 2
    by Punk Goes 8-Bit
    AFI - The Boy Who Destroyed the World (8-Bit) AFI - The Boy Who Destroyed the World (8-Bit)
    They covered an AFI track so that got my immediate attention..Then I realized how many of the songs I now prefer as 8-bit rather than 320 byte...
  26. Demonstration of Frustration
    by Stand for Nothing
    U.R.M.T U.R.M.T
    I don't love this record..but it was too great to pass up. For a Long Island-based band it kicks much ass. Long Island bands usually don't sound like this. Thematically very well put together. They don't take fan mail.