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  1. I'm an Illusion
    by Love in Reverse
  2. Over The Top
    by TWRP
  3. Realism
    by Brendan Byrnes
    Lacuna Lacuna
  4. Language
    by The Contortionist
    Language I: Intuition Language I: Intuition
  5. Acoustic colors
    by graphiqsgroove
    sapphireblue JzDnB sapphireblue JzDnB
  6. Symphonie Pacifique
    by Greg Foat
    Yonaguni Yonaguni
  7. Guiding Lights
    Miracle Miracle
    An absolutely vivid album. Top notch vocals, all the instruments complement each other nicely, and it gives off a very surreal atmosphere.
  8. ZETA
    by ZETA
    Causeway Causeway
  9. Clairvoyant
    by The Contortionist
    Clairvoyant Clairvoyant
  10. Creation
    by The Daysleepers
    Creation Creation
  11. Return to Wherever
    by TWRP
    Generous Dimensions Generous Dimensions
  12. Permanence
    by Stephen Taranto
    Aporia (feat. Aleksandra Djelmash) Aporia (feat. Aleksandra Djelmash)
  13. Our Bones
    by The Contortionist
    Follow Follow
  14. One Thousand Wings
    by White Moth Black Butterfly
    Faith Faith
  15. Use The Rest
    by Michael Lessard
  16. Guardians Of The Zone
    by TWRP
  17. Believe In Your Dreams
    by TWRP
  18. 2nite EP
    by TWRP
  19. The Device EP
    by TWRP
  20. Streets of Rage 4
    by Olivier Deriviere