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  1. The Golden Communion
    by Thighpaulsandra
    The Foot Garden The Foot Garden
  2. Practical Electronics with...
    by Thighpaulsandra
    The Goat Owl The Goat Owl
  3. Burden of Sight
    by Vale
    Final Flesh Final Flesh
  4. I Don't Know How to Be Happy
    by Deli Girls
    Shut Up Shut Up
    With their third full length release Deli Girls yet again drop a megaton bomb of erratic and pissed off as all fuck aggressive hard drum and bass-y electronic hellfire. I Don't Know How to Be Happy shows a deeper dive into Deli Girl's one-of-a-kind styles and immaculate execution of their craft. It just left me begging for more, absolutely incredible.
  5. Dark City
    by Funkrust Brass Band
    Zoology Zoology
  6. Mercedes Marxist
    by IDLES
    An amazing song. more of that catchy groovin' hard rocking sound Idles has crafted, and is continuously perfecting. I really hope there will be some more stuff coming soon!
  7. Turnstile Comix #2
    by The World/Inferno Friendship Society
    Second Chance Saloon Second Chance Saloon
    A brief, yet hectic and fun as hell Punk Cabaret tornado of some of World/Inferno's fastest and most energetic songs.

    The comic itself is incredibly funny, charming and amazingly drawn. A hilarious retelling of two of the bands wildest tour stories.
  8. Bonnie Baxter Cobweb Sensations
    transmittal transmittal
    As expected, this is the strangest release I have heard all year. Sounding like the scrambled audio from a radio after being dipped into a bath tub full of LSD Cobweb Sensations utilizes static and harsh noises, warped humming and vocal samples, and some very odd, yet captivating electronic beats and patterns creating this disfigured psychedelic industrial-like style. Definitely not an album to be passed over.
  9. Daft Mouth (Single Mix)
    by Neil Cicierega
    As funny as this is I must also admit it is incredibly mixed and produced, and catchy af. Here's hoping Neil puts some more of his remix work up here.
  10. Dolphin
    by Dead Neanderthals
    Dolphin Dolphin
    A chaotically intricate cetacean loving maelstrom of Heavy Jazz wonders. The screeching sax and ringing cymbals go on long after the track ends...
  11. Dog Whistle
    by Show Me The Body
    Badge Grabber Badge Grabber
    Sheer raw Industrial-y Sludgy aggression. Dog Whistle feels more focused on a style here than Body War and possesses some of Show Me The Body's most rock solid songs to date. I'm definitely craving more from SMTB.
  12. Sunshine Rock
    by Bob Mould
    I Fought I Fought
    An all out fun and hard rockin' release. Sunshine Rock isn't the kind of raw hardcore punk of Mould's days in HD, however even with some backing keys and a somewhat more streamlined feel the production still has a very rough sound and style, fitting for Mould. A fantastic rush of an album.
  13. Time Machines
    by COIL
    4-Indolol,3-[2-(Dimethylamino)Ethyl],Phosphate Ester- (Psilocybin) 4-Indolol,3-[2-(Dimethylamino)Ethyl],Phosphate Ester- (Psilocybin)
    A true behemoth of Drone legend, Time Machines, the Coil spin-off/side project that saw the group attempt to recreate the feelings of psychedelic drugs gets a proper remaster. The thing I really love about this album is that all the tracks while unique from each other, still have familiar drones shared between them, as if each track was a different trip, but from a single persons perspective. A highly unique, groundbreaking and hypnotic album.
  14. Halt And Start
    by Unur
    That Spinning Sound That Spinning Sound
    A very well polished, dark and enticing western post-Industrial treat. Unur's signature style at it's brightest.
  15. Visions of Darkness (2CD edition)
    by Various Artists
    DSM - Nowruz DSM - Nowruz
  16. Prose Edda
    by FRKTL
    Hart er með hölðum Hart er með hölðum
    Absolutely. Outstanding. Utilizing angelic vocal manipulation and a wide array of samples, field recordings and electronic drum beats FRKTL has composed a unbelievably immersive, hypnotic and beautiful masterpiece of virtuoso musicianship. Easily the best Ambient album I have heard in a long time.
  17. Candlescape
    by asukrai
    Land of Darkness Land of Darkness
    An incredible step in Asukrai's development of their style, Candlescape is comprised of some of the finest Ambient/Dreamscape pieces Asukrai has composed, but also with some lovely singing present on some tracks as well. An incredible endevour.
  18. The End Of Carbon
    by Lavatone
    Rat Killer Rat Killer
    Phenomenally dark, well layered and structured, The End Of Carbon is easily some of Lavatone's most fleshed out and superbly composed works. Each track is fully gripping, and contains many different elements and shifts in drones that continue breathing life into the album, preventing any one track from becoming stale or filler. A truly rock-solid release.
  19. Anthology of contemporary music from Africa continent
    by Various Artists
    Eryck Abecassis - Cascades Eryck Abecassis - Cascades
    The latest installment of USG's music study brings fourth a wondrously bizarre, and enigmatic amalgamation of styles and influences. The artists present here really shine with their unique and mystifying musical experimentation. From a mix of traditional African musical influences, Islamic musical practices, and some just outright otherworldly and highly imaginative compositions Anthology of contemporary music from Africa continent is another USG survey gem, and a must have compilation album.
  20. Contact
    by Pharmakon
    Sleepwalking Form Sleepwalking Form
    An absolute horror show of an album, Contact is full of sharp and painful noises, heavy Industrial banging percussion, and ear splitting shrieks and screaming. The atmosphere that Pharmakon creates is just absolutely unsettling and outright frighting at times. A true spectacle of raw energy, power and talent.
  21. Qamat is-sa’atu - Unpronounceable
    by Detriti Records
    Triumph In Babylon Triumph In Babylon
    Unpronounceable is a devastatingly explosive collage of Industrial sounds, multi-lingual Slavic and Arabic screams and vocal samples, horns, and sheer sonic aggression. Utilizing a multitude of raw and echoing beats, and traditional instruments Qamat is-sa'atu craft a masterpiece of Harsh Industrial morbid wonder. Definite required listening for any Industrial, Noise or Experimental fan.
  22. CISHET
    by dreamcrusher
    Groovy, angry and noisy LGBTQ+ rage. A raw Industrial rave.
  23. FEVER
    by dreamcrusher
    Hellish walls of painfully harsh noise and drones, and nihilistic screams of fury. A devastating track.
  24. permanence
    by ekoda
    waterfall waterfall
    Absolutely jaw dropping. Permanence is a conclusively phenominal blend of Psybiant Trance-like breast and multitude of unique Dreamscape-ish drones, that together construct this wonderful and melancholic soundscape. Ekoda is truly a electronic laureate.
  25. Strange Memories
    Casualty Casualty
    Very catchy and warm minimal synth compositions met with ghostly vocals and somber lyrics. A amazing debut! I hope to hear more soon!
  26. I Dream Of Sodomy
    by Ono
    I Dream Of Sodomy I Dream Of Sodomy
    I Dream of Sodomy is a catchy Blues-y Gospel song littered with bangs, bleeps and Industrial screeches,while Travis's enthusiastically sung lyrics mentioning some of the most violent events in the history of white supremacy haunt the track. Red Summer, named after the horrific US race riots of 1919 contrast the grittyness of the title track as a film-like beautifully sounding electronically scored composition. Ono makes both styles of music they present here shine and truly mystify the listener.
  27. Sign of Ill Omen
    by Master Toad
    Meditations Encased in Catastrophe Meditations Encased in Catastrophe
    Master Toad's breathtakingly dark, yet tranquil Dark Ambient rumination is brought to an entire new light with Sign of Ill Omen. Incredibly mixed and produced drones and warped audio manifest into these deep and strongly gripping tracks that shine as some of Master Toad's best work to date.
  28. Supply vs Demand
    by Abquexa
    Idtmswtuwyas Idtmswtuwyas
    A very neat and almost classical instrumentation sounding release. This teaser highlights some very captivating tracks and shows off Abquexa's unique and highly experimental talents.
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  29. The Drought
    by Puce Mary
    To Possess Is To Be In Control To Possess Is To Be In Control
    The Drought is a full on 10/10 tier album that is absolutely engrossing from start to finish. Some of the most horrifying and yet also captivating sounds, rhythms and abrasive noises met by apparition-like and macabre vocals and lyrics. Unparalleled Industrial, a must listen.
  30. Lip Syncing To Verme
    by Aaron Dilloway
    L.S.T.V. Original Cassette Mix 13:51 L.S.T.V. Original Cassette Mix 13:51
    An incredible haunting collection of mixes. Some very different, yet all phenomenal styles.
  31. There Must Be Some Point to Synthesis
    by Odd Council of Druids
    Very immersive and enticing. Goes from being very chilling minimal electronic ambiance to an almost ASMR-influenced Noise wall. Very unique.
  32. PURGE
    by Dis Fig
    U Said U Were U Said U Were
    A vortex of distorted vocals and screams, heavy percussion and warped destructive beats PURGE is addictive and fan-fucking-tastic. I have been waiting for this to be released in full for so long now and it does not let down in the slightest. A perfectly wicked display of pain and aggression.
  33. I Don't Know How to Be Happy
    by Deli Girls
    Shut Up Shut Up
    With their third full length release Deli Girls yet again drop a megaton bomb of erratic and pissed off as all fuck aggressive hard drum and bass-y electronic hellfire. I Don't Know How to Be Happy shows a deeper dive into Deli Girl's one-of-a-kind styles and immaculate execution of their craft. It just left me begging for more, absolutely incredible.
  34. Trucker
    by Lavatone
    Maximum OD Maximum OD
    Trucker sets it's stage with radio static and conversation scattered through each of the great minimalist Ambient Drone tracks. A very cool concept for an album that all comes together wonderfully. Screw the usual space Ambient themes.
  35. Steep
    by Abquexa
    Wintery Susan Steals a Boat Wintery Susan Steals a Boat
    A very mystical, dream-like and one of a kind album. Very odd Future Pop structures with scrambled vocals, catchy trippy composition, and lovely singing. A one of a kind album.
  36. Make Mine Neat/Last Dogs in Alaska
    by Out of System Transfer
    Make Mine Neat Make Mine Neat
    Fast paced Folk Punk fury! A great taste of protest and storytelling. Can't wait to hear what follows!
  37. First Reformed
    by Lustmord
    Eden Eden
    Absolutely chilling. Lustmord's soundtrack to First Reformed is just as haunting and emotionally manipulative as expected. A truly suspenseful album each track is very dark and looms over the listener. Lustmord really is the Hitchcock of sound.
  38. she's going to leave you.
    by ekoda
    she's not here to save you. she's not here to save you.
    Very heavyhearted and mournful sounding minimalist drone. Incredibly immersive and well constructed. A really good album to get lost with your thoughts in.
    by Gazelle Twin
    Little Lambs Little Lambs
    A phenomenally crafted and produced dark and cynical musical critique of modern political stagnation and deformation. Gazelle Twin is clever, funny and scarily honest with her lyrics, all of which pairs amazingly with her dark electronic lullaby and fairy tale inspired Industrial instrumentation. Pastoral is an album that demands the listeners full attention and rewards them fully for it.
  40. Gestation
    by Dead Neanderthals
    Gestation Gestation
    Dark, Drone-y sax, funky drumming, and eerie synth. Dead Neanderthals delivers the goods again in the way only they can. Amazing track and a cool ass shirt to go with it. Can't wait for their next release
  41. Some Drones
    by Lavatone
    Fly Home Fly Home
    Very bleak sounding, but also very calming. Like a meditation in a quiet open place at night Some Drones will make you feel humbled, but also at ease. More incredible development in Lavatone's masterful style.
  42. You Won't Get What You Want
    by Daughters
    Less Sex Less Sex
    A dark and incredibly morbid sounding Noise Rock album. You Won't Get What You Want blends evil sounding Death Rock and screeching Noise to paint devilish portraits of anger and depression. An amazingly horrific trip of an album.
  43. I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer.
    by the body
    Blessed, Alone Blessed, Alone
    From a slow and dreary (in a good way) start to a loud scream filled harsh noisy hellscape crescendo I Have Fought Against It, but I Can't Any Longer is a Noise Metal masterpiece. Each song perfectly pairs with each other and the demonic and sheer hellish sounds and emotions that come from The Body here are unreplicatable.
  44. Mortality (MR-080)
    by Froe Char
    From City Captive From City Captive
    Very catchy and rough synthy slam. Aggressive, but also hypnotic.
  45. Bought to Rot
    by Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers
    Valeria Golino Valeria Golino
    Bought to Rot is just what I hoped it would be, a folkish- rockin' ride filled with Laura's cynical, yet also wholeheartedly personal lyrics and stories. An amazing and often very relatable album.