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  1. Hanging on the Telephone
    by Frenchy and the Punk
    I'm not a Blondie fan, but I just enjoy F&P's version of this song. It's just a fun bop.
  2. Us Vs. Them
    by Del Cielo
    Cry Your Eyes Out Cry Your Eyes Out
    I must have heard "Cry your eyes out 15 years ago in a sampler cd. The song just grabbed me so much when I came across it all these years later... I just picked up the album.
  3. Pianoless EP
    by Leslie Hudson & Her Talented Friends
    Scorpio Moon (demo) Scorpio Moon (demo)
    This is fun listen. I associate Leslie's music with the piano, so it was a different little diversion.
  4. The Web We Weave
    by Cathy McManamon
    Lady of the Hearth Lady of the Hearth
    It's funny, I wouldn't say Cathy is a favorite artist, but I do have a lot of her stuff. Even though she sings about fantasy & esoteric things, I feel it. I think everyone can relate.
  5. Yeoman on the Bridge
    by Leslie Hudson
  6. The Redhead League
    by Leslie Hudson
    Troublemaker Troublemaker
  7. the StorySinger set: Live in Germany
    by Leslie Hudson
  8. The Lilas (EP)
    by Lauren Hoffman
  9. Snips and Snails
    by Leslie Hudson
    Doldrums Doldrums
    This is an interesting listen because it feels like a peek at the clay as it's being molded. All the elements I like about her music is right there, but she's still finding her grove. It's been fun to hear.
  10. 13 Moons
    by Brocc
    Yet another example of the gems you can stumble upon. I just happened to see two of Brocc playing a set online for ConFluence. It's spooky Celtic folk. What's not to love?
  11. Rock Lobster (Boom Boom Shake featuring Frenchy and the Punk)
    by Boom Boom Shake featuring Frenchy and the Punk
    BBS and F&P sets were always highlights of whatever festival they were playing at that year. So them together was a no brainier buy. Though I really dig the song. It's a really fun take a on a classic.
  12. Wild Times
    by S. J. Tucker
    I think it's clear what the song is about, but I think everyone can relate to the feeling of needing to change tactics in one's life and really ramp things up. I tend to be a hard charger, so this song really speaks to me.
  13. Aquarius Calling
    by Ginger Ackley
    I like all of Ginger's stuff, but I think this song is a good starter for folks who are new to her. Simple melody, poignant lyrics. An easily digestible bite of Ginger goodness.
  14. How We Live and Die
    by Bright Kelly
  15. Girl Groups & Punk Beats: The Covers
    by The Dollyrots
    Stay (I Missed You) Stay (I Missed You)
    Hearing their take on the oldies was interesting, but I really dug their take on Lisa Loeb's stay. I hope that's a part of their live shows.
  16. while you sleep
    by Malin Nordmark
  17. The Fall
    by The Great Enough
    "I’d never lie to to save my skin
    But truth has never let me in
    And so alone I’ll build these walls
    And walk these long and lonesome halls

    I’ve got no grip on wrong and right
    And I won’t preach from humble heights
    Love her well, that’s all I can
    She’s my faith, can you say amen"
    Are such great lyrics. I can just hear my Ex-wife's voice in my head saying "He's full of shit!" Now that I'm reading the words instead of listening to them.
  18. Connections
    by Ginger Ackley
    A Child's Aire A Child's Aire
    I've been a Ginger Ackley fan for years. This is her only album I didn't already own. I'm glad she's on Bandcamp so you all can see what the fuss is all about. You all should definitely check out the Elf King's Horn.release. That's my favorite of her's
  19. Northern Lights
    by Malin Nordmark
  20. Don't shut me up
    by Malin Nordmark