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The Potanist

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  1. Biji Rojava
    by Support Unit
  2. Harsh Noise Wall - Volume 1
    by Anonymous
  3. Remains Left in the Chapel
    by DAGGER
  5. Inverted Symbolic Order
  6. Horride
    by Chier
  7. Transmitting Its Demise
    by Whitenoise Death
  8. Tekketsu Orlęta
    by Remotely Exploded Child
  9. FO-119 Nothing Will Remain Here
    by Bruising Pattern & Veil of Nature
    appears in 1 other collection
  10. Stages Of Death
    by Placenta Lyposuction
    A massively brutal release of old school wallcraft that might actually kill you.
  11. Jammerlijke Toestand Door Lichamelijk Contact
    by Ratteknaeghen
  12. The After Party Was A Disaster
    by See Through Buildings
  13. FIVR 139 - Bruising Pattern / Runway Split
    by Bruising Pattern / Runway
  14. Charles Razeur
    by Charles Razeur
    One of the most unique wall noise tapes I've heard yet, very mysterious and somehow relaxing and unnerving at the same time.
  15. S/T
    by Шумоизоляция / Rien
  16. Asleep In The Lake/N0123NOISE
    by Asleep In The Lake/N0123NOISE
  17. Stepping Stones
    by Uitgeschakeld
  18. Suffocating
    by Joli
  19. Fragments Of Consciousness
    by Bruising Pattern
  20. Split
    by Visitation / VOMIR
  21. Hunting for man flesh
    by Cannibal Ritual
  22. Growing Instability
    by Dosis Letalis
  23. Putrescence
    by Blood Eagle / Eugene Critchley / Condo Horro / Tissa Mawartyassari
  24. Dosis Letalis / Extreme Kindness
    by Dosis Letalis / Extreme Kindness
  25. Bizarre Dead Body Love
    by Corpseincinerating Furmace
    appears in 1 other collection
  26. Smisao Života Je Sloboda
    by Dosis Letalis
  27. Triumph of the Hunter
    by Sodomy From Beyond
  28. S/T
    by Visitation / Transgresia
  29. Artefacts
    by James Shearman
  30. Artefact
    by Volhnn
  31. Make America Say Merry Christmas Again
    by Anal Trump
  32. Balaclava Babes
    by Kindstod
  33. Train Cemetery / MOYOGASH SPLIT
    by Train Cemetery/ MOYOGASH
  34. Untitled II
    by Sloth of gulf coast florida
    appears in 1 other collection
  35. セーラー服と機関銃
    by Shurayuki-hime
  36. Colleen Dawn Adams
    by Sleep Column
    appears in 1 other collection
  37. LB_086
    by Midnight Party / She Walks Crooked
  38. Split
    by Sloth / Train Cemetery
  39. Paul Weber and The Scrappers
    by Paul Weber and The Scrappers
  40. Honest Life
  41. volume 1: flick your tongue against your teeth and describe the present.
    by bedwetter
  42. La Magie De Souvenirs
    by Neirimous Alloth Kuyll
  43. Forest River Music
    by Kashmar
  44. Norfaragell-Thul
    by Splendorius
  45. Night Of Swarog
    by Era Of Ice