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  1. Till Eternity
    by Wintaar
  2. Winter's Curse
    by Wintaar
  3. Frostland
    by Wintaar
  4. Von Ruinen Und Einsamkeit (split with Fortress Of The Olden Days)
    by Wintaar
  5. Northspells and Winterscars (split with Caligo)
    by Wintaar
  6. Into Darkness We Return
    by Wintaar
  7. Forgotten Hymns Of The Urals
    by Wintaar
  8. The Burialmoon Mist
    by Wintaar
  9. Nordic Glares Bless The Dead
    by Wintaar
  10. Plague, Death, Pestilence (track)
    by Wintaar
  11. To The Ashes Of The Sky
    by Wintaar
  12. Songs Of White Wilderness
    by Wintaar
  13. Deathshine
    by Wintaar
  14. Nightchants
    by Wintaar
  15. Winter Worship
    by Wintaar
  16. Wintaar
    by Wintaar
  17. The Breath Of Eternity\The Revenant (split with Zurdeimvar Gragz)
    by Wintaar
  18. Till Eternity
    by Wintaar
  19. Battlewinds
    by Wintaar
  20. Into the Heart of the Ice (my part of split with Dzo-Nga)
    by Wintaar
  21. Dark Passages Of Winter\Russian Emptiness (split with Evilnox)
    by Wintaar
  22. Winter Black Metal
    by Wintaar
  23. Wintergale
    by Wintaar
  24. Elegiac / Wintaar Split
    by Wintaar
  25. Northernmight
    by Wintaar
    Cleansing Of The Blood (For The Moon) Cleansing Of The Blood (For The Moon)
  26. Split with Oldmoon
    by Wintaar
  27. I'll Be Buried in the North
    by Wintaar
  28. Winterwomb
    by Wintaar
  29. Fraught With Peril
    by Khemmis/Spirit Adrift
  30. Emergence
  31. Divided By Darkness
    by Spirit Adrift
  32. Hidden In A Realm Beyond The Cosmos
    by Dos Brujos
  33. Forest Sky (Album)
    by Hermóðr
  34. Afriqve
    by Afriqve
  35. The Void Engineers
    by Cosmic Atrophy
  36. Demo
    by Charnel Altar
  37. Earth and Space
    by Hænesy, Moondweller
  38. Festering Odes To Deformity
    by Caustic Vomit
  39. Incandescent Crucifix
    by Light Dweller
  40. Acathexis
    by Acathexis
  41. Domstad swart metael
    by Wrang
  42. Aan de aarde teruggegeven
    by Hellevaerder
  43. Kuoleman Kehtolaulut 2014-2017
    by Kalmankantaja
  44. Dunwich
    by Obed Marsh
  45. I: Es Uzcēlu Durvis Tīrumā
    by Velnezers