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  1. Velvet Nectar
    by Sarah Longfield
    Your Flying Bicycles Are No Excuse For A Hasty Farewell Your Flying Bicycles Are No Excuse For A Hasty Farewell
  2. Degeneraterra
    by Eidola
    The Comfort We Find In Our Vices The Comfort We Find In Our Vices
  3. Book I: Dr. Breacher
    by Others by No One
    Death of a Clone Death of a Clone
    A story that hits rock bottom in order to provide the wings required to observe from the mountain top. Color for the blind, voices for the mute, fresh air for the dead. Book 2: The most anticipated story since The Winds of Winter. Labeling this masterpiece is a sin. Buckle in.
  4. Dreaming of Sleep
    by Tetrafusion
    Sisyphus (feat. John Baab) Sisyphus (feat. John Baab)
    This album is so good I'd pay to be a member of the monstrosity that is Tidal if I had to in order to listen to this. It's been on repeat since I discovered it and I've pushed it on all my friends like a mormon missionary pushes god. I WILL show up at your door with a pair of headphones. Sickdex's "11/10" doesn't do it justice.
  5. Song of the Crippled Bull
    by Black Crown Initiate
    Stench of the Iron Age Stench of the Iron Age
  6. Intortus EP
    by i built the sky
    Fibratus Fibratus
  7. APEX II
    by The Lone Tree In The Woods That Killed Us All
    APEX II: Movement I APEX II: Movement I
  8. Dwellings
    by Cormorant
    The First Man The First Man