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  1. Stratford Ct. | Delector
    by Ѕtratford Ct.
  2. School Days
    by 猫 シ Corp.
  3. t w i c e
    by Arµ-2 / EeMu
  4. NEK031: rituals
    by DRWN.
    ohbaby ohbaby
    Glad to see this on tape!
  5. Estrania
    by waterfront dining
    glamour glamour
    This album is sooo smooth! back to back smooth vibes.
  6. 9/11
    by lペプシマンl
    3. チャーリー //Sheen 3. チャーリー //Sheen
    Twin tower wave?
  7. NEWS AT 11
    by 猫 シ Corp.
    Love this album. Has a nice summer vibe to it! Hope to see more stuff from FOR very soon.
  9. 猫 シ Corp. - Cosmopolitan Dreams / Sunday Television
    by 猫 シ Corp.
    The Goldstone Building The Goldstone Building
    All I need is a cassette player and a abandon mall. oooh! I would be in heaven!
  10. Nightmare City
    by Pawcut
    Thin (feat. N-Omega & Dre Skuffs) Thin (feat. N-Omega & Dre Skuffs)
    I have seriously killed this vinyl ever since I got it in mail. Absolutely amazing. Beginning to end is just absolute fire.
  11. School Days
    by POCARI ステューシー & 猫 シ Corp.
    高等学校 高等学校
    Ugh this needs a cassette release ASAP! I feel like i'm watching a cute anime release on VHS with this release by POCARI and Cat Corp. Love this small EP.
  12. The Commercial Dream
    by Various Artists
    クリスタル·キャッスルズ クリスタル·キャッスルズ
    Lost in this dream.exe
    This album makes me feel like the teacher is gonna let us have a movie day in class instead of teaching.
  14. h a b i t a t s マンションの破壊
    by ごめい p r e m i u m ESC
    5 happenings in 18 parts 5 happenings in 18 parts
    This album makes me feel like i'm in first grade using a MAC computer for the first time. Such a great and wonderful nostalgic feeling.
  15. DJ Chidow and Myūjikku - VΛPES and WΛVES, Vol. 1
    by DJ Chidow and Myūjikku
    2015, The Future 2015, The Future
    LOVE THIS TAPE! It's like a futurefunk mix back to back. So good!
  16. Intermission
    by VENO
    Alpha Alpha
    Glad to see VENO on tape :)
  17. Metro City (Deluxe Edition)
    by VANTAGE
    Groove Street (Unreleased) Groove Street (Unreleased)
    HOLY MOLY THIS IS TOO GOOD. Glad I have both tapes of this sweet sweet album!
  18. [TTV001]: eu-IV - Pearl (12")
    by Turbo Tape Recordings
    unify--save us unify--save us
    Really happy to own this on vinyl. This is seriously too good.
  19. air force base | cherry
    by allone | pax
    edwards edwards
    Beat tape by only the best.
  20. [TTD004]​​: Sokro - bedtimeLuvz
    by Turbo Tape Recordings
    Circlefuck Circlefuck
    Turbo Tape Recordings seriously know how to run a label well. I've owned my shirt they sent me for around 4 months and it still looks like I got it in the mail. Always putting out good music and wonderful releases. Keep up the good work boys!