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  1. Ravenous Undead
    by Habitual Slaughter
  2. Zigurat
    by Mico
  3. Culminating Ruins
    by Dawn of Nil
  4. Hyperbolic Ascension
    by Embrace The Maddness
  5. Obsidian
    by The Ox
    by Ordovician Records
  7. Hell
    by Beyond the Grasp of Light
  8. Undulating Waves of Rainbiotic Iridescence
    by Gigan
  9. Meanders
    by Anachronism
  10. Cataclysm
    by Redshift
  11. Volume III: Satan In His Original Glory
    by The Antichrist Imperium
  12. Semi-Infinite
    by Ciggurat
  13. In Memory of Your Hopes
    by Nefarious Mash
  14. Hivemind
    by Ashbreather
  15. Supraliminal
    by Nothingness
  16. Untethered Abyss
    by Cathexis
  17. Phantom Indigo
    by Seputus
  18. In Darkness Alone
    by Scars of the Flesh
  19. Darkness Transcend
    by Setentia
  20. From dust to creation
    by Fall of Seraphs