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Brian Buchanan

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  1. Wayfaring Reprise
    by Betsy Lee
  2. Wayfaring Stranger (Sans SE)
    by Betsy Lee
  3. Alone (Celestia)
    by Survivors of the Siege
  4. Rising (Album)
    by Radiarc
  5. Morning Mist
    by SlyphStorm
  6. Rainfall
    by Sal Scarduizo
  7. Moonrise
    by L-Train presents Ro.C.S.M.Or.
  8. Alpha
    by Radiarc
  9. Fluttershy
    by Forest Rain
  10. Thought I'd Let You Know (ft. Relative1Pitch)
    by 4EverfreeBrony
  11. Starlight Waltz
    by ponyphonic
  12. Radiarc - Monarch
    by Radiarc
  13. Starswirl's Frankenstein
    by 4EverfreeBrony & Dragonwolfrooke
  14. Labyrinth
    by Radiarc
  15. Octavia's Overture
    by SlyphStorm
  16. The Memory of Adventure
    by Radiarc
  17. Open Your Eyes (cover with Cup Song)
    by 4EverfreeBrony
  18. Derpy and Carrot Top's Epic: Vol. 1
    by Carbon Maestro
  19. Lulamoon
    by LaRaikaa
  20. Full Moon (Leaving Home)
    by Przewalski's Ponies