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  1. Presence (E.P.)
    by Mesarthim
    Eschaton Part I Eschaton Part I
    O.M.G! Love this band, love this album. Eschaton Part I is just... woah! I haven't word. Not sure how to describe it, but, powerful, overwhelming seem legit. Listen this song and you'll feel connected with the outerspace.
  2. In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns
    by Abigail Williams
    Into The Ashes Into The Ashes
    Discovered thanks to Youtube with "Into The Ashes". Love the speed they play with guitar, great drums. Great band!
  3. Tell Them Lucifer Was Here
    by KHAOS DEI
    Dans l'Enfer Plombant Dans l'Enfer Plombant
    On est loin du groupe Kyo qui est censé représenter le "metal français".
    Content qu'il y ait des gars comme Khaos Dei pour relever le niveau !
    Absolument brutal ! C'est gars jouent avec leurs tripes !
  4. Spectral Voice From Newborn Star
    by The Lost Sun
    Supernova Remnant Supernova Remnant
  5. .- -... ... . -. -.-. .
    by Mesarthim
    .---- .----
  6. "A Piece of the East" EP
    by The Contradiction
    She Is... She Is...
  7. "Red Cyclops" (feat. Sergey Raev, ex-Shokran)
    by The Contradiction
    Red Cyclops (feat. Sergey Raev, ex-Shokran) Red Cyclops (feat. Sergey Raev, ex-Shokran)
  8. "The Crimson King" (single)
    by The Contradiction
  9. "Pyrae Cult" (single)
    by The Contradiction
  10. Legion: The Rise
    by The Contradiction
    The Crimson King (feat. Alibek Aul'bekov of Northern Ocean) The Crimson King (feat. Alibek Aul'bekov of Northern Ocean)
  11. The Night Has Come For Me
    by Midnight Odyssey
  12. Umbras de Barbagia
    by Downfall of Nur
    II - The Golden Age II - The Golden Age
  13. Aftermath
    by Skyforest
    Yearning for the Past Yearning for the Past
  14. Lupercalia
    by Selvans
    O Clitumne! O Clitumne!
  15. The Blackened Heart
    by Enbound
    Falling Falling
  16. Our Voices Shall Remain
    by Throes of Dawn
    The Understanding The Understanding
    My favorite band is back !

    I'm f***ing excited. I was waiting for it too long !

    This is some atmospheric black metal but this time, no dark voices. I miss it. The more the band grow up, the more maturity it gained.

    Great performance ! I like the whole album !

    The Understanding... Oh God !
    This song really makes me tremble deep inside my soul.
  17. Between The Light And The Moon
    Into Darkness Now Your Spirit Flies Into Darkness Now Your Spirit Flies
  18. Void
    An Unforeseeable Anomaly (Feat. Adam Warren of Oceano) An Unforeseeable Anomaly (Feat. Adam Warren of Oceano)
    Absolutely violent and brutal ! So powerful.

    And what a wonderful picture for your album.
  19. The Jaguar Priest
    by Universal Mind Project
    Truth Truth
    The kind of song I used to listen in the beginning when I have discovered metal.

    Really nice !

    Awesome cover art !
  20. Myrkur
    by Myrkur
    Nattens Barn Nattens Barn
  21. Of Breath and Bone
    by Be'lakor
    Abeyance Abeyance
  22. Oblivion (PHYSICAL + DIGITAL)
    by Mendel
    Discover Discover
    I like the style, the instrumental and the song Discover is ABSOLUTLY AMAZING and has something very powerful.
    However, I found that the other tracks are not as good, and powerful as this one.
    I feel like this whole album was built around Discover. I mean, most of the songs seem the same for me.
    Don't misunderstand, the album is awesome, really, but I've got the feeling that if you listen one song, you listen the entiere album (except for Discover which has its own "personality").
  23. L'aorasie des spectres rêveurs
    by Grimoire
    Tragédie des ombres Tragédie des ombres
    Tradégie des ombres est absolument géniale !
    Les paroles des chansons sont profondes, recherchées et terriblement noires.
    Quant à Cantilènes céleste elle est tellement douce, calme et poignante que je la verrai bien à mon eulogie.
    Je la trouve parfaitement adéquate à l'univers du groupe en tous cas.
    Sachez que ce soir, je m'endormirai moins bête après avoir cherché les définitions de Aorasie et Cantilènes ;)
    Heureux de voir que la langue française est compatible avec le Metal !
  24. Shards Of Silver Fade
    Starlight Oblivion Starlight Oblivion
    An odyssey through the universe.
    A kind of black metal atmospheric or cosmic black metal as they say.
    A mix of relaxing songs, with peaceful and strong voices with a bit of noise in the background.
    Very powerful.

    "To leave the light..." awesome !
  25. Pillars (E.P.)
    by Mesarthim
    11 11
  26. Isolate
    by Mesarthim
    Interstellar Interstellar
    I was looking for something new, deep.
    First, I was attracted by the cover of this album then I listened the song Declaration which makes me buy the album.
  27. As All Light Leaves Her
    by Advent Sorrow
    Skin To Suffer In Skin To Suffer In
    Advent Sorrow is a band with powerful tracks. You can hear all the pain, the grief and the suffer in the voice of the singer.
    This band plays music with souls of their members.
    I really love the intro with the song Hopeless, but with the song Skin To Suffer In, it is like I can feel and understand the emotions of this band.
  28. Like A Moth to the Flame
    by Advent Sorrow
    Powerful, deep, dark, are some of the words which can describe the most this song. This is exactly the kind of song which boost me (especially in the morning to start the day) and makes me feel invincible, or at least I mean, capable to overcome everything.
    Advent Sorrow is a band with powerful tracks. You can hear all the pain, the grief and the suffer in the voice of the singer.
    This band plays music with souls of their members ; this track is the proof and one of my favorite song.
  29. Before the Dimming Light EP
    by Advent Sorrow
    The Wraith in Silence The Wraith in Silence
    Advent Sorrow is a band with powerful tracks. You can hear all the pain, the grief and the suffer in the voice of the singer.
    This band plays music with souls of their members.
    I discovered them thanks to Youtube and the song Wraith in Silence makes me looking for more from this band and now I own all their albums.