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  1. Endless Destiny (DATA093)
    by Makeup and Vanity Set
    Users Users
    MAVS has put out a ton of great music over the years, but this album stands out as one of the best. Such a great iteration on THE MAVS sound we all love.
  2. Rebirth of the Machine
    by Droid Bishop
  3. Horse Blood
    by Judge Bitch
  4. Past Tense EP
    Blvd (Outro) Blvd (Outro)
    I love the final track because it means I get to listen to this wonderful EP again!
  5. Volume 1
    by Magic Sword
  6. Avalon Quest
    by Isidor
    Odyssey Of Photon Jack Odyssey Of Photon Jack
    This is such a great album. There's so much to like in each song. Each listen through introduces your ears to things you missed. What a great journey.
  7. Hit TV
    by Makeup and Vanity Set
  8. Escape
  9. The Book of Thump
    by Thumpasaurus
  10. Wice
    by Wice
  11. Loved to Death
    From Hell From Hell
    DWTD has consistently made albums that melt your face. Each new album pushes the boundaries of the genre. Their live shows are as good as their albums and often better. DWTD basically combines every slasher flick theme and motif into a listening experience that will leave you breathless.
  12. Ephemeral
    by Stellar Exodus
  13. Storm City EP
    by Cloud Battalion
    Storm City Storm City
    Cloud Battalion delivers big, monumental synthesizers, epic drums, and a flow I didn't know was possible in a synthwave album. I cannot not wait for more.
  14. Supernova
    by Morgan Willis
    Professor Omega [feat. Paradise Walk] Professor Omega [feat. Paradise Walk]
    I'm having a hard time putting into words the caliber of work Mr. Morgan Willis has compiled here. From start to finish this album grooves like nothing I've ever listened to.
  15. Impasse D'Amour
    by Love Impasse
  16. Syncro (DATA067)
    by Makeup and Vanity Set
  17. Holding onto Yesterday
    by Stilz
  18. Station Nova
    by Waveshaper
  19. Chrome (DATA052)
    by Makeup And Vanity Set
    MAVS continues to produce dynamic soundscapes that push the bounds of the genre. Driving bass lines and layers of arpeggios make this album standout while still having inklings of past works like 88:88 and Wilderness.
  20. Monochrome
    by Scandroid