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  1. Omega Point
    by Red Ants
  2. Gap Industry
    by autocell
  3. The 13th Floor
    by Invisibl Skratch Piklz
  4. Anthology
    by P.H.F.
    Get Bent Get Bent
    I remember hearing p.h.f. the beginning of high school and just getting blown the fuck away. head clean off my fucking shoulders. p.h.f. should be your favorite band by now, and if it's not then pick up this collection and change your mind.
  5. Nice Guys
    by NICE GUYS
  6. Bogus Genius
    by Bogus Genius
  7. Caer y caer
    by Noche Tras Noche
  8. liquids & bones
    by people you meet outside of bars
  9. Crepuscular
    by Filmmaker
  10. More
    by Dryspell
    by P.H.F.
  12. Time & Materials
    by Cavanaugh (Open Mike Eagle & Serengeti)
  13. GREAT SHAKES Volume 2
    by Whitey
  14. It's A Wonderful Life
    by 2 Ton Bug
  15. EASYTRAVELERS mixtape
    by TAMTAM
  16. 3 Seashells
    by Lakutis
  17. Digital Sex
    by Digital Sex
  18. Go, Go, Go!
    by Unorganized Hancock
  19. 4 Ever
    by Lil Texas
  20. Let's Get Out
    by Tamarron