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Dylan Barton

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  1. Stay EP
    by Chase This City
    Stay Stay
  2. All That's On Your Mind
    by Chase This City
  3. El Ten Eleven (15th Anniversary Edition)
    by El Ten Eleven
    My Only Swerving My Only Swerving
  4. Rhodora
    by Head North
  5. The Last Living Man Alive Ever In The History Of The World
    by Head North
    Somewhere, ND Somewhere, ND
  6. Acting Cool
    by Inconsistent
    I Hope The Cops Don't Call My Mom I Hope The Cops Don't Call My Mom
  7. Crash Test Rating
    by Remo Drive
  8. Yer Killin' Me
    by Remo Drive
  9. A Demo
    by Learner
  10. Pituitary
    by Unturned
  11. Common Ground
    by Above Oceans
  12. Clothes You Can't Outgrow
    by hejguysitisnichole
  13. Coffee Machine
    by hejguysitisnichole
  14. Perfect Wreck EP
    by hejguysitisnichole
  15. This is the Album I Showed You in My Car
    by Inconsistent
    Your Mom Thinks We Met Too Young Your Mom Thinks We Met Too Young
  16. Bloodlines
    by Head North
    The Planet The Planet
    From the first song, "Brave Hands" all the way through "Windowless" you can tell that this album was made with heart, not just a couple guys wanting to make music, but a couple of guys wanting to write a story, paint a picture, and tell the world. The recording sounds excellent, and the lyrics are touching. I'm proud to be a supporter.
  17. Pierre / Molly's Worst Enemy Split 10"
    by Pierre / Molly's Worst Enemy
    A Long Way of Saying Sorry A Long Way of Saying Sorry
  18. Molly's Worst Enemy/Township EP
    by Molly's Worst Enemy
  19. A Story You're Too Scared To Tell Your Friends
    by Pets With People Names
    Fifteen Minutes of Fame Fifteen Minutes of Fame
    Catchy and excellently produced. Could listen to for hours on end, and the cover art brings back some melancholy nostalgia.
  20. Acceptance
    by Unturned
    Duluth Aquarium Duluth Aquarium