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  1. Ancient Celestial Realms
    by Sôlbjörg
  2. From Light To Darkness
    by Saevitia Monumentum
  3. Le Naufrage
    by Opprobre
  4. Path To Suffocation
    by Nervengeist
  5. Echoes From Silent Shores
    by Exylem
  6. Promises
    by Pater Robitavis
  7. Dans La Splendeur Des Dieux (Special Edition)
    by Sviatibor
  8. Black Metal And Ambient - Compilation Vol.2
    by Endless Decrepitude Productions
  9. Rites
    by Mysticisme
  10. Eterniscencia
    by Faunalord
  11. Répandre
    by Mysticisme
  12. From The Northmen's Cry (2016 Demos)
    by Ulgard
  13. Black Metal and Ambient - Compilation Vol.1
    by Endless Decrepitude Productions
  14. Méditation Astrale
    by Âqen
  15. Tribute To The Goddess Idunn
    by Svafnirkult
  16. Endless Decrepitude United - Official Sampler
    by Endless Decrepitude Productions
  17. Black Metal and Ambient - Compilation Vol.3
    by Endless Decrepitude Productions
  18. Songs For The Wanderer
    by Ulgard
  19. Fall
    by Wes Meadows
  20. For Renee
    by Flowerpot Records
  21. Almost Satisfied EP
    by Tenineight
  22. Wes Meadows/Kellen Bearden Split
    by Flowerpot Records
  23. As Bad As It's Been, It Always Will Be
    by Stephen Sidoti
  24. Hank EP
    by Tenineight
  25. Mutuality
    by Done.
  26. Tour EP 2011
    by All Over The Place
  27. Flowerpot Records 2016 Sampler
    by Flowerpot Records
  28. Two Weeks
    by Wes Meadows / Marriah Rodgers
  29. Fruits On The Vine
    by SKAtch On The Rocks
  30. Can't Complain
    by Ladyblazer
  31. Backtalk // Anxieties split
    by Flowerpot Records
  32. The Twelve Togethers Of Love Rockets
    by Turtle Island
  33. Cooghan EP
    by Kellen Bearden
  34. I Liked Them Before They Played This Show
    by The Suburbanites
    by River Dolphin
  36. It's As Bad As It's Been And It Always Will Be
    by Stephen Sidoti
  37. The Things We Got To Keep
    by Marriah Rodgers
  38. Warning Shot
    by Warning Shot
  39. Flowerpot Records 2013 Sampler
    by Flowerpot Records
  40. Fifteen Over Six
    by Gregory McKillop
  41. Don't Quit Your Day Job vol. 1
    by Flowerpot Records
  42. Live!
    by Warning Shot!
  43. The Sum Of Our Parts
    by Younger
  44. Black Sun
    by Wes Meadows
  45. All Over The Suburbs Split
    by Flowerpot Records