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  1. In Your Dreams EP
    by Kiile
  2. to turn the earth
    by The Silence Industry
  3. Stranger Tides
    by The Ambientalist
  4. Covers
    by Cygnets
    Blue Monday Blue Monday
    Excellent work! Each version has the awesome Cygnets-flair. This is not the Coverversion-sh_t you get all day long from no-name-bands. As a huge fan of Cygnets and the covered originals my heart beats faster while listening to this brilliant mixes! No chance to sit still...
    by Vandal Moon
  6. Remnants
    by Cygnets
  7. Endeavour
    by Christoffer Franzen
  8. That Day
    by Benares
  9. elected pieces (2004-2011)
    by moonbooter
  10. Remnants II
    by Cygnets
  11. Loderunner - Extended Mix
    by Tobias Bernstrup
  12. Ghost - (extended) the haunted mix
    by The Snake Corps
  13. She'll Rise
    by The Snake Corps
  14. The Ocean Calls EP
    by The Snake Corps
  15. Ghost - the killer mix
    by The Snake Corps
  16. Half the Time
    by B! Machine
  17. Blue Sky Girl
    by Manhatten
  18. Hot Shots
    by MicroMatscenes
  19. Max Malevolence
    by Cluster Buster
  20. Back 2 School
    by MicroMatscenes