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Jasmin Anderson

  1. Norwich, UK
  2. Metal
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  1. The Waystone
    by Kaine
    Iron Lady Iron Lady
    by KEMAKIL
    Iram Of The 'Ad Iram Of The 'Ad
  3. Reanimated Monstrosity
    by Strychnia
    Reanimated Monstrosity Reanimated Monstrosity
  4. Godsaga
    by SIG:AR:TYR
    Black Sun's Bane Black Sun's Bane
  5. Beyond The North Winds
    by SIG:AR:TYR
    Far Away Far Away
  6. Gut The Priest EP
    by Consecration
    Gut The Priest Gut The Priest
  7. The Ride
    by Athelstan
    The March The March
  8. Feel The Creator (EP 2012)
    by Catch The Sun
    Lost Gods Lost Gods
  9. Through Conviction
    by Seethe
    Price to Pay Price to Pay
    Love all the songs on here, but Price to Pay really stands out. Great show in Norwich 28 March. TC sounded amazing live! Can't wait to hear new stuff.
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  10. The Faceless Mask
    by Astolat
    Ödet ser alla våra sorger Ödet ser alla våra sorger
  11. The Anatomy of Execution
    by Strychnia
    Envenomation Envenomation
    Discovered these on Twitter through my forums DJ. I can be abit selective when it comes to death metal but this album is fantastic! One of the most played on my mp3 player. Can't wait to hear the next album.
  12. Nyvinland
    by Wolfhorde
    Nyvinland Nyvinland
    Loved Wolfhorde since I stumbled across the Ravished Demo years ago. Followed them ever since. Everything they've done is awesome! A must for folk metal fans.
  13. Spirit of the Times
    by Sons Of Liberty
    Full Spectrum Dominance Full Spectrum Dominance
    Fantastic! Love everything Jon has been involved in and this is no exception. Full Spectrum Dominance is my favourite track, but love them all.