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  1. Cold Beat - Into The Air
    by Cold Beat
    Spirals Spirals
  2. Cold Beat - Chaos By Invitation
    by Cold Beat
    62 Moons 62 Moons
  3. Leggy - Audiotree Live
    by Leggy
    Waisted Waisted
  4. I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy
    by Leggy
  5. Jen Cloher
    by Jen Cloher
    Forgot Myself Forgot Myself
  6. Morningside
    by Fazerdaze
    Lucky Girl Lucky Girl
  7. Un bras de distance avec le soleil
    by Catherine Leduc
    La fin ou le début La fin ou le début
  8. Sad Girl Theory EP
    by Le Pie
    Go Unsteady Go Unsteady
  9. OUH LÀ LÀ
    by JUNIORE
  10. Le petit spectacle à La Chapelle
    by Ariane Moffatt
    Le coeur dans la tête Le coeur dans la tête
  11. Un bosque oscuro
    by Ninja
    Un rayo Un rayo
  12. El despertar
    by Reina Republicana
    Ahora que hace bueno Ahora que hace bueno
    appears in 1 other collection
  13. Out in the Storm
    by Waxahatchee
    Never Been Wrong Never Been Wrong
  14. Soft Sounds From Another Planet
    by Japanese Breakfast
    Road Head Road Head
  15. Agatha EP
    by Basement Revolver
    Johnny Pt. 2 Johnny Pt. 2
  16. Psychopomp
    by Japanese Breakfast
    Everybody Wants to Love You Everybody Wants to Love You
  17. Triomphe
    by La Féline
    Senga Senga
  18. Babes Never Die
    by Honeyblood
    Intro Intro
  19. Transitions
    by Cosines
    Let's Start It Over Let's Start It Over
  20. Basement Revolver
    by Basement Revolver
    Words Words
  21. Fleur
    by Saratoga
    Fleur Fleur
  22. MY WOMAN
    by Angel Olsen
    Shut Up Kiss Me Shut Up Kiss Me
  23. Fear of Men - Audiotree Live
    by FEAR OF MEN
    Island Island
  24. Cantando EP
    by Dom La Nena
    Scenic World by Zach Condon Scenic World by Zach Condon
  25. Lendemains
    by Les sœurs Boulay
    Déjeuner Déjeuner
  26. La 4ième dimension (version longue)
    by Les Hay Babies
    Motel 1755 Motel 1755
  27. Meet the Jonesies
    by Jonesies
    Rental Rental
    "...4 knockout tracks in 7 minutes equals brilliant fun! The second half of the EP - musically at least - owes as much in common with the early-Eighties UK DIY post-punk scene as it does Twee - the songs are more guitar-focused and feature an up-beat refrain, but pithy and keenly observational lyrics remain at their centre..."
  28. X-Communicate
    by Kristin Kontrol
    (Don't) Wannabe (Don't) Wannabe
  29. Bright Red
    by Parks at Night
    Smoke It Smoke It
    "...The EP's closer, "Smoke it." It's perfect indie-pop tune as it merrily breezes along and - while it may carry a Government health warning - is the perfect summer anthem; bouncing guitars and percussion melt into another soaring refrain, dipping in and out of some complex harmonisations courtesy of Amelia and Erin. It's arguably the EP's most poppier number - and none the worse for being so..."
  30. Bitch
    by Rose Cacahuète
    Papier cadeau Papier cadeau
    appears in 1 other collection
    by Geneviève Racette
    L'élan L'élan
    "...This is an album of expertly crafted - soft and beautiful - songs married to emotive and from the heart lyrics that are perfectly suited to Country and Folk-tinged Pop melodies on display here. And then there's Geneviève's voice - sweet, dulcet and always note perfect - as harmonious as those of Les sœurs Boulay. Praise doesn't come much higher..."
  32. Les croches et les côtes
    by Véronique Bilodeau
    Respirer Respirer
    "...This EP doesn't stray far from Véronique's folk-tinged pop roots, but the truth is, when every song is expertly arranged and constructed with melodic guitar, piano and complemented by rich orchestral strings, and then topped-off by the most pitch-perfect of crystalline vocals, why fix something that patently isn't broken?"
  33. The Blue Swell
    by Beverly
    Victoria Victoria
    "...This is Beverly 2.0 - rebooted - "The Blew Swell" offers a distinctive newly-honed sound, knocks out hooks and melodies in its sleep, and which blurs the distinction between US and UK indie genres. Sure there's hints of Lush, Camera Obscura, Teenage Fanclub, but also the spirit of both West and East Coasts; the lush pop of Best Coast and the raw edge of Vivian Girls and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart..."
  34. Marabout EP
    by Juniore
    Je fais le mort Je fais le mort
    "... Juniore take elements of Surf-Pop, add a touch Sixties psychedelia, throw in plenty of Indie sensibility, while borrowing from the artists as diverse as Nancy Sinatra and the B52s. Mix with Gallic flair and a certain je ne sais quoi... Et voilà..."
  35. Klickitat
    by bed.
    The Rule The Rule
  36. À hauteur d'homme
    by Chantal Archambault
    Corps étrangers Corps étrangers
  37. Nord-Est
    by Rosie Valland
    Concession Concession
    "...How insanely talented is Rosie Valland? Her latest EP has it all; Intelligent and moving compositions; trade-marked and atmospheric reverbed guitar alongside haunting, mesmerising and delicate vocals... "
  38. Johnny
    by Basement Revolver
    "... the song takes all the best bits of post-punk and new wave, the jangly guitar structure of C86 alongside the innocence of Twee. Throw in some Nineties sensibilities, fuzz and distortion, achingly melancholy lyrics, a knockout refrain and Chrisy's angelic vocals ..."Johnny" is probably the most important indie-pop song to come out of Canada since Alvvays' "Archie, marry me..."
  39. Extraordinormal
    by Laura Sauvage
    Have You Heard The Good News? Have You Heard The Good News?
    "...This album sees the metamorphosis of Laura Sauvage - Vivianne Roy - from guitar-rocker to contemporary story-teller and song-writer. There's that detailed eye for the mundane that she shares with Courtney Barnett, but also the way she manages to capture the extraordinary from the day-to-day ordinariness of life, in much the same way as fellow Acadian Lisa LeBlanc.. that's not bad company to keep..."
  40. Fanny Bloom
    by Fanny Bloom
    Diachylon Diachylon
    "...So you could be mistaken for thinking that this album is a Greatest Hits cash-in. Au-contraire, mon ami - for while songs from her extensive back-catalogue all feature - the overwhelming feeling is that this is an intimate album of (re)interpretations..."
  41. L'Entredeux (2008)
    by Marianne Dissard
    Cayenne (L'Entredeux) Cayenne (L'Entredeux)
    "...A metaphor for the painful burning sensation that the pepper leaves upon the lips, "Cayenne" is a song of betrayal and heartbreak. Poetic imagery describes the desolate salt plains littered with the bleached white bones, glistening in the unforgiving desert sun serving as the analogy to a love that has long since died..."
  42. The Cat. Not Me. (2014)
    by Marianne Dissard
    Am Letzen Am Letzen
    "'s hard to argue against "Am Letzen" being probably her most compelling and complete song. Everything here - the analogue tape hiss, haunting cello and soothing piano, Marianne's whispered and weary vocals - portray the fragility of a New Year's Eve dawn's hazy light..."
  43. L'Abandon (2011)
    by Marianne Dissard
    La Peau Du Lait La Peau Du Lait
    "..."The one and only" takes the listener musically and geographically back to Tucson and a song infused with those wonderfully rich sounds of Americana. Part homage to the Tucson of old, the song rallies against the creeping gentrification and the resulting urban upheaval ..."
  44. Music For Listening To Music To
    by La Sera
    Take My Heart Take My Heart
    "...I'm not often lost for words, but "Take my heart" is such an achingly beautiful yet heartbreaking ballad. There's a palatable fragility to Katy's voice, languid guitar and gentle rhythmic percussion help fill the spaces. A complete change of pace from everything before it. I guarantee that as you listen to the album, this will be the song that stop you in your tracks..."
  45. Small Bird
    by Veronica Winter
    Ferme les lumières Ferme les lumières
    "... "Ferme les lumières" is the most seductive of poetic - post-coital - love songs. Acoustic guitar and percussion steer a pop-infused course as the uplifting chorus sees Veronica pleads with her lover to turn out the light to leave an indelible image of two bodies intertwined in bed... Trust me, Veronica Winter is an artist we're going to be hearing a lot more of in the future..."