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  1. Eye of the Storm
    by Le Pie
    "…Newtown's LePie has for a number of years had the knack of condensing the essence of 60's iconic female pop and production values into a 3 minutes or so of frankly knock-out, dreamy pop. Lyrically she has blossomed - from abstract comic romanticism to - intensely autobiographic and confessional dark-pop sadness... this is a song's which is not only about seeking a mental place of safety, but of reflection and dawning realisation…"
  2. Eastwick/ Cold Caller
    by Julia Jacklin
    "...I've been fortunate enough to hear 'Eastwick' performed live on a couple of occasions, it's a beautiful - if melancholy - introspective song that smoulders before erupting into a cacophany of distorted guitars and crashing drums... 'Cold Caller' is another smouldering slow-burner... at times a little bit Angel Olson, at others a little bit Judith Durham, but always Julia Jacklin, always haunting and riveting..."
  3. Cult Survivor
    by Sofie
    99 Glimpses 99 Glimpses
    "…deceptively unassuming, yet nuanced and adult pop from Vienna-based Sofie Fatouretchi and a delightful collection of unashamed pop songs drawn from personal experiences... songs, influenced by 60s, 70s and 80s pop and filled with staccato piano, warming analogue synths and languid guitar… every year there's an unashamed pop album that appears out of nowhere and which piques my interest. This is 2020's…"
  4. Perfect World EP
    by Lizzy
    Les Fleurs Mortes Les Fleurs Mortes
    "…this long awaited EP from Montréal's Lysanne Picard et ses copines - aka Lizzy & The Fanatics - is chock-full of bright and bubbly bi-lingual 80s influenced synth and guitar indie-pop tunes, and delightful harmonies which all wrap around at times surprisingly aigre-doux lyrics… this is the first time I've heard the band sing in their native French, definitely a case of more, s'il vous plaît…"
  5. boygenius
    by boygenius
    "…there's not a huge amount that I can add to the universally stellar reviews of this six-track EP, but if ever there was a case for the sum of being greater than its already significant parts, then this eponymous mini-album is arguably exhibit number one… here Phoebe, Julien and Lucy each imprint their unique musical DNA onto this harmonious collection of songs to craft a singular cohesive indie-folk masterpiece… "
  6. Freier Geist
    by Sofia Portanet
    Racines Racines
    "…a truly amazing album which recalls stark industrial post-punk, the avant-garde style of DAF and the vocal theatrics of Nina Hagen, is all tempered by 80s new-wave guitars, flourishes of swirling synths, textured with orchestral and operatic flourishes, and a killer version of Catherine Ribeiro "Racines", which all showcase Sofia's amazing - and multi-lingual - vocals...the perfect introduction to Neue Deutsche Welle..."
  7. Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs
    by Klô Pelgag
    " album which sees Klô add lashings of indie-pop sensibilities, textured with soothing piano, synth-pop and orchestral brass and strings to accompany her poetic chansons - poésie - and which crafts an album replete with magical aural delights to invites the listener into her private world. Her most accessible and addictive album to date, and one which ensures I'm off to re-evaluate her back-catalogue…"
  8. L'Étoile thoracique
    by Klô Pelgag
    "…continuing along the delightful chemin littered with those gorgeous multifaceted and textural compositions and the poésie-influenced lyrics of her debut album, there's also a sense of an emerging pop and indie-folk hue to the songs as well as the projection of her crystalline and harmonious vocals towards a deserved centre-stage… I was late to the Chloé Pelletier-Gagnon party. I won't make the same mistake again…"
  9. L'alchimie des monstres - Édition de luxe
    by Klô Pelgag
    "…poetic, surreal and at times dark lyricism meets classical orchestral scores - coloured with woodwind, brass and strings - alongside the rhythms of nouvelle chanson… all to create multi-layered songs which un-peel to reveal new secrets with every listen… I can't believe I ignored this album when it was first released…"
  10. Forest Bees
    by Forest Bees
    "…The line between shoegaze and dream-pop often blurs into a delightfully hazy aural smudge… a stunning debut album from bassist-turned-all-rounder Sheetal Singh, who while mining her musical past, infuses trip-hop beats, soothing synth tones and even a dash of Bollywood to all help colour her soothing, breathless vocals, while her personal and pensive lyrics aren't afraid to confront society's perceived status quo..."
  11. A Million Pieces
    by Cozy Slippers
    "...delightfully jingly-jangly twee (with a small "t") guitar indie-pop tunes are perfectly matched to vocals which at times remind me of Natalie Merchant and sweet swooning harmonies... seriously what's not to like here? Time to snaffle the band's back catalogue me thinks..."
  12. Postcards
    by Cozy Slippers
    You Started This You Started This
    "…stunning jingly-jangle indie-pop loaded with melodies a-go-go and gorgeous harmonies… while there's a distinct C86 vibe running through this 5-track EP, there's also dashes of surf-rock, a homage to 60s girl-bands and even a hint of The Smiths…. there's also some solid straight-up pop sensibilities to be heard here, nevermore so than on the smouldering slowburning "You Started This", which will linger long in this ageing heart…"
  13. Late Night in Summertime
    by Cozy Slippers
    Worst Case Scenario Worst Case Scenario
    "…so I've always been a sucker for female vocals and harmonies and when they sound as good as those of Barbara Barrilleaux and Sarah Engel, resistance was futile… and while there's nothing complicated about the bands jingle-guitar indie-pop, it's that selective mining of pop's rich heritage that makes the band stand-out… listening to this EP I'm always trying to workout why these songs sound fresh yet reassuringly familiar…"
  14. Insomniac Dreams EP
    by Teen Idle
    The Haze The Haze
    "…gorgeous dreamy and melancholic indie-pop - which since it's released by Sunday Records isn't perhaps a huge surprise - but stay and linger, there's so much more here… there's the whimsical pop of Birdie and a bedroom-pop ethic reminiscent of Auckland's Fazerdaze, while Sara Abdelbarry's voice reminds me so much of Debsey Wykes… every song here is just so note perfect and sonically balanced… honestly, this EP is so good it hurts…"
  15. Seventeen Seconds
    by Frankie Rose
    A Forest A Forest
    "…the art of the perfect cover album. If The Cure had recorded "Seventeen Seconds" some 30-odd years after its original release I'd argue that it would probably sound something like this. While straying true to the spirit and sound of the original, Frankie Rose (alongside Jorge Elbrecht) have added her textural lushness and scattered contemporary twists on an album that sounds reassuring familiar yet a little bit new and unexpected…"
  16. Ya no me importa si tú me quieres
    by Melenas
    Si tú me quieres Si tú me quieres
    "…a cracking pair of tunes that neatly straddles the band's first two albums… "Ya no me importa" is top-notch guitar-fuelled indie-pop song resplendent with the band's trademark metronomic drums which barrels along at 160 km/h… "Si tú me quieres" is more thoughtful, with plenty of reverb and swirling synths that do burrow into the head, for an incredibly radio-friendly number…"
  17. Melenas
    by Melenas
    Mentiras Mentiras
    "…the band's 2017 debut is full of punk and early' 80s post-punk references (there's the Marine Girls again) and filled to the brim with straight-up reverbed and jangly guitar indie-pop - which isn't complicated by too many chord changes - rib-crunching percussion and a healthy dose of psychedelic keyboards which add a touch of artiness… Add lashings of glorious harmonies and what's not to like here? ¡Magnífico!"
  18. Sometimes Always
    by Hatchie
    Sometimes Always Sometimes Always
    "…hard not to love the original, arguably one of the Reid brothers' most poptastic tunes, featuring more hooks than a row of anglers and with the gorgeous vocals of Hope Sandoval the absolute cherry on top… However, Hatchie and Kip Berman’s The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart version - while faithful and respectful to the original - adds a delightful shimmering and dreamy sheen…"
  19. Punisher
    by Phoebe Bridgers
    "…an absolutely immense album which, similar to her debut album "Stranger in the Alps", is a masterclass in the art of both observational and melancholic, autobiographical story-telling... Accompanied by a sympathetically understated arrangements, Phoebe's words are this album's primary focus, while her voice remains the primary instrument… an album which grows even higher in my already high estimation every time I play it…"
  20. SINGLE - Dirty Work (COVER Steely Dan) (2020)
    by Marianne Dissard
    "...a scuzzy, grimy and gender-reversed version of the Steely Dan song - cut through with Terry Edwards' (The Higsons!!!) bright saxophone - drips with contempt and self-remorse... pairs as the flip side to Marianne's "Un Gros Chat..."