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The Songless Bird

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  1. The Starway Eternal
    by Crystal Coffin
  2. First Sighting
    by Blood Star
  3. Grind House
    by Merlin
  4. La l'dépendåancsee ause kelées magiquey quềềề leyn florquas arkions',` d'un moment ȧ l'autre',;; ṫesesc omeomeas magniq'''''e deŝŝ orne..; mëntš! Ėlllễs-mxme;;, Ėlllễs-les savencs..;; Nuertas seûiûlement après la pluit,;;;
    by coffret de bijoux
  5. Wildergrave
    by Windark
  6. Phantazein
    by Cognizance
  7. Drawbridge To Citadel Of No More Dawn
    by Morcolac
  8. Unveiling the Brac'thal
    by Hasturian Vigil
  9. Echoes Of Light
    by Chapel Of Disease
  10. Verses In Oath
    by Hulder
  11. Hellfenlic
    by The Infernal Sea
  12. As the Flower Withers
    by My Dying Bride
  13. Electrically Possessed [Switched On Volume 4]
    by Stereolab
  14. Pulse Of The Early Brain [Switched On Volume 5]
    by Stereolab
  15. Vanwa
    by Vanwa
    by GUNSHIP
  17. Fires in the Fall
    by Krigsgrav
  18. Empty Eyes (EP)
    by Plaguestorm
  19. Shatter And Fall
    by Hinayana
  20. The Final Star
    by Niphredil