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  1. 100PCS
    by CS
  2. oh Trouble
    by CS
  3. Februar + Folgendes
    by CS
  4. Circulator
  5. All things must persist
    by Scattered Order
  6. upwelling
    by seah
  7. 1981
    by Immaterial
  8. Futile Exorcise
    by Paul Rooney
  9. Surface Industries I
    by Paul Rooney
  10. New Theme to Still at Large [single]
    by The Creeping Things
  11. The Seven Oracles of Gog Magog
    by The Seven Heads of Gog Magog
  12. Interference Zone: The Tapes of Alan Smithson [EP]
    by Alan Smithson and Annette Gomperts
  13. Stolen Things (The Creeping Things Remix) [single]
    by Paul Rooney
  14. Song (After Nature Past)/Song (After Nature Future) [single]
    by Drones and Debris
  15. L E T M E T A K E Y O U T H E R E [single]
    by Alain Chamois
  16. Shake It Off [single]
    by Why Why?
  17. Surface Industries II
    by Paul Rooney
  18. Lucy Over Lancashire [single]
    by Paul Rooney
  19. This Job's Forever - The Peel Session [EP]
    by Rooney
  20. Tony's a Winner, an opera in one act
    by The NWRA House Band