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Ty Wall

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  2. Alternative
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  1. Heavy Lifter
    by Hovvdy
  2. Space Companion
    by Tough Guy Joey Jr
  3. the arid interval
    by frosty palms
  4. Night Mirror
    by New Swears
    Wheels Wheels
  5. Is Molting
    by John
    If It Were If It Were
    appears in 1 other collection
  6. fade into the dawn
    by Field Medic
    everyday'z 2moro everyday'z 2moro
    🤘🏻🤠🤘🏻 🤘🏻😭🤘🏻
  7. Slide
    by George Clanton
    You Lost Me There You Lost Me There
  8. summer death (anniversary edition)
    by Marietta
    fuck, dantooine is big fuck, dantooine is big
  9. Skylight
    by Pinegrove
    Intrepid Intrepid
  10. Hold On Now, Youngster... (Remastered Deluxe Edition)
    by Los Campesinos!
  11. Cranberry
    by Hovvdy
  12. Taster
    by Hovvdy
  13. Somewhere Nice, Someday
    by Infinity Girl
  14. narra
    by narra
  15. and the Magic of Horses
    by New Swears
  16. Elsewhere
    by Pinegrove
  17. Blender
    by Blonder
  18. Coming of Age
    by KNESSET
    Mother Mother
    by frosty palms
  20. Better Heavens
    by the superweaks
  21. Everything Feels Better Now
    by From Indian Lakes
  22. Mother Evergreen
    by Mother Evergreen
  23. We have always lived in The Harolds
    by Trust Fund
  24. Krill
    by Krill
  25. Stranger Things
    by Yuck
  26. Burden Piece
    by CLIQUE
  27. lava land
    by piglet
  28. Everything So Far
    by Pinegrove
    Need 2 Need 2
  29. The World Reversed
    by Brightside
  30. Now and Loud
    by Brightside
  31. Tawny Peaks
    by Tawny Peaks
  32. Demos
    by The Lories
  33. How to Treat the Ones You Love
    by Donovan Wolfington
  34. Dogs On Acid
    by Dogs On Acid
    Ideal Decanter Ideal Decanter
    Definitely gonna be my album of the year. These guys are the homies.
  35. Hairball
    by Nai Harvest
    Buttercups Buttercups
  36. Nothing Works
    by Mike Bell & the Movies
    The Low Men The Low Men
  37. still bummed
    by nouns
    dogs dogs
  38. Two Songs About Cars. Two Songs With Long Titles.
    by Pet Symmetry
  39. summer death
    by Marietta
    fuck, dantooine is big fuck, dantooine is big
  40. The Big Sleep
    by Olive Drab
  41. 1994! / Algernon Cadwallader / Snowing / Boys and Sex
    by slowgrowthrecords
  42. Taco Salad
    by Paperduck Records
  43. Formlessness
    by The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die
  44. I Don't Even Care Anymore
    by Dowsing
  45. Brush Your Teeth, Again ;)
    by Dads
    New Pantera New Pantera
    RIP this band. This is their best release.