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  1. Vancouver, British Columbia
  2. Punk
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  1. Discography Tape
    by Youth Avoiders
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    Red Eyes Red Eyes
    Great Collection of all their material leading up to their Self Titled LP with a couple extras...Including an acoustic Observers cover?!?!?Or is it actually a cover for an unreleased Revisions Song????
    by Vakarme
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    Crusades - The Shadows of Ideas Crusades - The Shadows of Ideas
    Early, rough mix of the Crusades first single, The Shadows Of Ideas, off their 2nd LP, "Perhaps You Deliver..."

    Vakarme's a collective out of Monteal, Québec. They do everything it seems...Fanzine, album/show reviews, local show bookings throughout Quebec and Ontario, Comp Tapes with Canada's best and up and coming punk rock...Oh! And they have a webspace that'll tell ya everything you'd want to know...
  3. Our Time
    by The Creeps
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    Grand Ideas Grand Ideas
  4. Demo
    by Youth Avoiders
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    Control Control
  5. 'Give Back - Volume One' Compilation
    by Crusades
    Becky (Welkin At Dusk Remix) Becky (Welkin At Dusk Remix)
  6. Caroline E.P.
    by Unfun
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    Unglued Unglued
  7. S/T LP
    by The Steve Adamyk Band
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    Hollowed Hollowed
  8. Idle Hands - s/t 7"
    by Hardware Records
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    Eternal Isolation Eternal Isolation
    The Steve Adamyk Band does an awesome cover of Eternal Isolation on one of their 7"'s.
  9. Blank Pages - Blind Faith 7"
    by Hardware Records
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    Blind Faith Blind Faith
    The continuation of Idle Hands.
  10. Howls For Sade
    by White Wives
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    Her Majesty (The Beatles) Her Majesty (The Beatles)