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  1. Juega Libre
    by Quinto Atlas
    I went from; ''Dayum that sounds good'', to ''What the hell!? A pure Spanish scream? Where was that all my life!?''. Awesome experience.
  2. Changing Color
    by My Body Sings Electric
    I got some great early 2000' Pop Punk vibe with this one, and I really appreciate that, reminds me of my younger self, just wish people would realize that it is a viable kind of music, every artist from that period all went for Pop only and that makes me sad. All that to say that right here, this album, it's perfect.
  3. Tuur mang Welten
    by Niklas Paschburg
    Ulenflucht Ulenflucht
    I don't often go for piano piece, cause people tend to forget that just playing the piano doesn't make it good, you need to add feelings to what you're playing, without that, it just feels empty, but right here, I got what I wanted, deep and meaningful notes, each one felt appropriate with a flow that not many people can achieve, amazing work.
  4. pearlbluesoul
    by VOLANT
    Man! This one hyped me up, this was an awesome experience, there was some part I wished went higher, but it was just perfect, and that closing part, it was just perfect the way it was set up, it got me good!
  5. 2020
    by ТАйМСКВЕР
    Альфа дог (feat. Shokran) Альфа дог (feat. Shokran)
    You just one up yourself! Damn it's good, still can't understand a word, sadly, but the melody with your voice are just perfect together.
  6. Fiction
    by 雄之助/Yunosuke
    Feel My Heart Feel My Heart
    I don't often buy that kind of music, so does it tell you how good this is? By the way, thank you 2Bhere4U for this one.
  7. That's On You
    by Mazare and Monika Santucci
    This one gave me shivers, god this is good! As usual it's nothing ground breaking, but it got me good, really moving.
  8. Ultra Rare Vol 2
    by Mystery Skulls
    Magic Original Demo Magic Original Demo
    The hell you on about Mystery!? ''This isn't a new album'', this is a god damn full fledged album that, just like Vol1, has some of your greatest works, being able to capture the essence of what makes you good , of what makes me love your music so passionately! And my god! Magic, the original just like the released one, dayum does it carry magic with it! I love you Mystery, you better know it.

    PS: I need my lyrics, I cry every time.
  9. I'm Your Slave
    by Ken Ashcorp
    I'm so sorry Kenpai! I saw it on youtube, gave it a watch, enjoyed it to death and forgot to buy it, and this one is so good too! Will you ever forgive me? I beg you!
  10. Andromeda
    by Pixel Terror and Protostar
    When I heard this one on Monstercat's channel over twitch, this is actually the song that made me buy a couple of songs, and boy do I not regret it at all, it got something that grabbed me by the heart and just overwhelmed me, made me desire more from them, really great job.
  11. Empires
    by Rogue
    Really hopeful vibes with this one, it really gets you going, able to drag anyone listening to it, nothing too special, but it has it's own flares and it makes it really interesting.
  12. Forever
    by Rome in Silver and Tails
    Really soothing with some interesting beats and mix, the only thing I wished is they use more vocals, just to see what they could do, cause the lyrics we have right now adds so more to the melody and I'm sure it would've had made this one a lot more special, not that it's not right now, on the contrary.
  13. Now Or Never (Digital Download)
    by Mystery Skulls
    God God
    Mystery Ben sold me on this one, I really wasn't sure about it. One of us and Back to life were great album but way too far from my comfort zone. But god does this smells like good ol' Mystery Skulls right here, your magic voice combined with great beats and the way you make it mix so beautifully, truly brings me back to Forever, I love this one. In any case, great one, hope to see more from you.
  14. Minimonde
    by LÜNE
    As usual, it's just perfect, I can't say it enough, and I'm sick of it! Release an album Lune! I need it! By the way, 6 minutes and a half? Way to go, impressive and it perfectly shows your talent with a good build up and continuity in the melody, I <3 U.
  15. Stay the Same
    by Sunsleeper
    Maple Drive Maple Drive
    I'm just glad I was able to find this, seriously since I've listened to You can miss something and not want it back, I had this deep craving for more, and I just can't stand the wait. This is the only thing that can satiate my desire for a new album, but I swear, I'll wait and buy it the second it comes.
  16. First Temple (remastered)
    by Closure In Moscow
    Sweet#hart (remastered) Sweet#hart (remastered)
    I remember when I first heard this album back in 2010, I believe. This was awesome, my best discovery of the year and to this day this is still one of my favorite album, I swear I always come back to it and I'm just taken by those sweet melody, if you were to make a new album with the magic First Temple has and the creativity of Pink Lemonade, I'm sure it would be a banger!
  17. Silverspoon
    by Teenage Wrist
    This was really special, the moment I clicked play on this one and I instantly got hooked, it felt inviting and the melody was something else. Relaxing, yet so sad with a touch of hope near the end, keep going, this was interesting to say the least.
  18. Bisou sur la joue
    by LÜNE
    You monster Lune! I asked for an album and you give me another single, you know I just can't give you enough praise, what you create has so much emotions behind it and I can't resist them, so please, give me an album again, I really can't add anything anymore.
  19. YŌKAI
    by Within Destruction
    No Way Out No Way Out
    This was super exciting to listen to, my blood was pumping really fast and I just enjoyed my listen through and through. I don't often enjoy deathcore but I just had to make an exception for this one, there's just so much going for it, amazing.
  20. Big Mouth
    by Citizen
    I postponed this one for way too long and there's no reason for it. I should've bought this one when it came out cause you guys really have something special and I just wish you would make a new album already.