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Seth McCaslin

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  1. Multidrone Music
    by William Thoren
    Ashitaka Ashitaka
  2. Kosmopterix
    by Dubravko Lapaine
    Koridoro del sono Koridoro del sono
  3. Theatre of Subconsciousness / 2014
    by Hans Karssen
    Dragonfly Dragonfly
  4. Indidjinus 2014
    by Dan Flynn aka Didgeridan
    Anthem Anthem
    Dan Flynn is a rockstar didgeridoo scientist from the future. He travels the universe in his space caravan looking for groups of beings with high vibrational patterns, in which to share his own vibrations.
    If you are lucky enough to witness his arrival, consider yourself blessed. Otherwise, listen to this album, recorded at a sacred place deep within the Siuslaw national forrest.
  5. Doğum
    by Pamela Mortensen
    Why Not? Why Not?
  6. Electronic Happiness
    by Pamela Mortensen
    Periwinkle Periwinkle