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  1. Music To Watch Bombs Flying By
    by Blok Numer 35
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  2. Her Love Eternal
    by Carnalis Amatoria
  3. "Doom Arisen" (NRR172)
    by Θ
    No One Here No One Here
    Still waters run deep.
  4. Moksha
    by Shankara Das
    हर हर महादेव
  5. As the Sparks Fly Upward
    by Lone Pilgrim
    Very textural. I like it!
  6. Eyeballs Glazed Over
    by Mental Anguish
    Allure Ov Thee Ancients Allure Ov Thee Ancients
  7. Rape me on the Cross
    by Carnalis Amatoria
  8. Bintang Fajar
    by IBLISS
    Sold Your Soul to the Devil Sold Your Soul to the Devil
    I balked a bit at the price and it took me a while to regain my composure, but I don’t begrudge the band themselves the money since they have a strong claim to the Dopethrone and there are a couple of tracks especially that are worth their weight in gold.
  9. Jane Doe
    by Dead Housewife
    I’ve been meaning to add something by Dead Housewife to my collection for a while now and along comes the perfect opportunity!
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  10. [UDG 0.81] "Live At L.A.D.S.R."
    by R. Pierre
    A lot of the time ambient music can be bland and boring with no discernable bite or hooks to it. Not so with R. Pierre who creates innovative and captivating soundscapes composed mainly of natural sounds. This is all the more remarkable in that it is a live performance and yet has all the clearness and crispness of a studio recording.
  11. The Fire Mystical
    by The Fire Mystical
    Dead Flowers Dead Flowers
    There are a whole host of other bands that fall into the same category, but this band somehow manages to sound different from them all. Just as Mexican horror movies are distinct from horror cinema in general, this band have a Mexican twist to them!
  12. Livre Troisième
    by Les chants du hasard
    Sumptuous. As velvet is to the touch, so this is to the ears. The second and third books are the highlights of the discography thus far in my humble opinion. However, some things in life escape me and one of those is why the second book is called “Livre Second” and not “Livre Deuxième”.
  13. Tissues
    by Pan Daijing
    Highly inventive and unique. I commented on one of Sebastian Tomb’s tracks with an operatic intro how I’d love to hear a noise opera and, lo and behold, I stumbled upon this artist! An extremely poetic and moving Gesamtkunstwerk. The modern equivalent of Verdi that deserves to be heard in an opera house, although the Tate Modern would have been impressive too!
  14. Sex & Disease
    by Pan Daijing
    Bonus- Education Bonus- Education
  15. Life is Relentless
    by Dronegazer
    I don’t know if life is relentless or life is remorseless, but either way this sums it up perfectly.
  16. A Drizzly Rain
    by Dark Fog Eruption
    A drizzly rain erupts from the dark fog, with floating melodies and clever breaks ameliorating the black metal dissonance.
  17. III
    by Immaculate Affection
    As soothing as a milk bath.
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  18. Songs of Joy & Black Magic
    by Noise River
    Sex on the Desert Sex on the Desert
    Like a polished plasterer and a plastered polisher, this is never quite sure what it is, but there’s certainly no identity crisis here. Just a complex body of sound which is as enjoyable as it is interesting.
  19. Dead Man's Theme (Full Album)
    by Dead Gallery
    Bottom Of My Soul Bottom Of My Soul
    A Dead Gallery of animated rock, lively blues and sizzling leads!
  20. Desecration
    by Carnalis Amatoria
    Reminds me of Samael at times which is no bad thing.