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  1. Sonderlust
    by Kishi Bashi
    m'lover m'lover
  2. Lists and Listlessness
    by Alex Berkley
    A List of Pros and Cons A List of Pros and Cons
    Alex's music will have a special place amongst my bandcamp library hopefully for years to come. The man produces some quality music, comparable most closely to sound of such legends as (a brighter) Death Cab For Cutie or Foals. I would recommend Lists and Listlessness to anyone who has a love for the lush sound of soft indie folk interspersed among beautiful electrical riffs.
  3. Old Wave
    by Old Wave
    Indigo Indigo
  4. Bigger Animals
    by yesper
    Bigger Animals Bigger Animals
  5. Cellophane EP
    by The Orange Friction
    The Heartbreaker The Heartbreaker
  6. You Knew
    by Mother Falcon
    Pink Stallion Pink Stallion
  7. The Age of Adz
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Futile Devices Futile Devices
    While certainly a departure from Sufjan Steven's usual orchestral folk ballads or acoustic melodies, The Age of Adz speaks wonders to the patient and eager listener. The computeristic, glitchy sounds that serve as the identity of this interesting album initially turn off a listener, but with time these quirks add an interesting and integral layer too the thematic sound of the work. From the melodic realization in Futile Devices to the epic and powerful Vesuvius, The Age of Adz keeps the consumer interested! Even the finale, Impossible Soul, weighing in at a whopping 25 minutes, does not cease providing glittering moments and renewing it's repetitive drone. I would easily give this album a 4.5 /5 in terms of Sufjan Stevens albums, and a solid 4/5 among all albums I have listened to in my life.
  8. I saw the sea
    by mutual benefit
    Animal Death Mask Animal Death Mask
  9. The Avalanche
    by Sufjan Stevens
    The Avalanche The Avalanche