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  2. Metal
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  1. Weedpecker (remixed and remastered)
    by Weedpecker
  2. Witchazel (Tenth Anniversary Reissue)
    by Matt Berry
  3. Digestion (4-way Split w/ Tunkio, Filariasis, and Ridiculous Terror
    by Bouquet
  4. Zooid (Split w/ Serotonin Leakage)
    by Cnidocyst
  5. Pixel Death 2
    by First Days of Humanity
  6. Mondo (Split w/ Molten Way)
    by First Days of Humanity
  7. Pixel Death
    by First Days of Humanity
  8. Skeletonization (Split w/ Golem of Gore)
    by First Days of Humanity
  9. Abhorrent Veneration
    by Carnal Tomb
  10. Zeroin
    by Dope Smoker
  11. Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering
    by Ingested
  12. Revive The Throne
    by Stillbirth
  13. I'm Heroin (Full Album)
    by Mephistofeles
  14. II
    by Toner Low
  15. Illusions Of Lunacy
    by SOBEK
  16. Vænir
    by Monolord
  17. Annihilation of Mankind
    by Stillbirth
  18. S H IN E
    by Craang
  19. Children of the Haze
    by Dopelord
  20. Demo EP
    by Pregnancy