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  1. La Rochelle, France
  2. Experimental
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  1. Rhapsodia / Battements solaires
    by Michèle Bokanowski
  2. The Colours Of Silence
    by Music For Sleep
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  3. Background Music: Shard Of The Ancient
    by Music For Sleep
  4. Infinite Tape Loops: Tampura And Organ Meditations (G)
    by Music For Sleep
  5. Disintegration Revisited
    by TBTCI
  6. Cold (The Cure Cover)
    by Simulacro
  7. Enigme
    by Reymour
  8. ...For Killers
    by Deathbeam
  9. Killing Spree
    by Deathbeam
  10. Hopeless
    by Deathbeam
  11. Apocalypse Deathbeam
    by Deathbeam
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  12. Rêve/Dream/Traum/Sogno
    by Laurent Saïet
  13. Cinéphilie
    by Laurent Saïet
  14. Cinéphilie 2
    by Laurent Saïet
  15. Blue Trip
    by Laurent Saïet
  16. Instant T : un hommage à Chris Marker
    by Laurent Saïet
  17. For Your Ears Only : Imaginary & Original Soundtracks 2006-2012
    by Laurent Saïet
  18. The call of Lovecraft
    by Laurent Saïet
    INSMOUTH (Invocation) INSMOUTH (Invocation)
    Personne n'a jamais aussi bien saisi et retranscrit l'univers de Lovecraft que Laurent Saïet ! "Call of Lovecraft" est pour moi un album incontournable que je me repasse régulièrement afin de m'immerger dans cette atmosphère si particulière ! Tout l'univers et l'essence de Lovecraft sont dans ce disque !
  19. Revisited 00-19
    by Laurent Saïet
  20. Sigillum Diaboli
    by LAMIA VOX
    Born of the Abyss Born of the Abyss