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  1. Absentia
    by Aethereus
  2. Universal Thought Experiment
    by Ominous Ruin
  3. Amidst Voices that Echo in Stone
    by Ominous Ruin
  5. Asmodeus (Single)
    by Equivoke
  6. The Procession
    by NaKhArA
    The Procession The Procession
    From the mind of Simon Thevene, ex Pitbulls In The Nursery, Nakhara provide us with a refreshing blend of styles and sounds. The music is as brutal as it is inventive and has kept me enthralled over and over again. If you've listened to P I T N, give The Procession a spin, and if you haven't heard of or listened to the above wonders of French ingenuity, and you like your music heavy, do yourself a favour and press play!
  7. Candle Cove
    by Echopraxia
  8. Detach
    by Thrailkill
  9. Rule Of Nines
    by Spiritbox
  10. Polytheria
  11. Crescendo Dezign
    by Theory In Practice
  12. Desolated Realms Through Iniquity
    by molested divinity
  13. Inside Shells
    by Evilyn
  14. We Are In Transit
    by WAIT
  15. The Sanguinary Impetus
    by Defeated Sanity
  16. Costly Signals
    by Dyssidia
    Infinitesimal Infinitesimal
    A brilliant mix of styles, and an album that pulls you in and keeps your mind glued to each song. The production is great, meaning that the drums, aside the other instruments, aren't compressed every way until Sunday, meaning that they can sing freely and resonate. Costly Signals is ten songs of pure brilliance and imagination. Buy it!
  17. The Infinite II
    by Warp Prism
    Frozen Sun - Lapse Frozen Sun - Lapse
  18. While Time Disappears
    by Our Oceans
    Motherly Flame Motherly Flame
    Flat out, first class musicianship and a beautiful collection of songs that entrance and flow as you'd expect from the pedigree on offer.
  19. Guided By The Soulless Call
    by Relics Of Humanity
  20. Stray God
    by Xehanort
    Snow Snow
    I've had a soft spot for Xehanort for many years. Their music has some awesome melodies and is generally heavier than Howard Wolowitz' Mum.

    Go check 'em out!