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  2. Metal
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  1. Running Out Of Time
    by HyprDrivr
  2. remnants
    by ROSK
  3. Paradigm
    by More Than Machines
    Tempus Aeterna Tempus Aeterna
    appears in 1 other collection
    by NIGHTRUN87
    Second Jonestown Second Jonestown
  5. Where Truth Occurs
    by Scathed
    New Hollow New Hollow
  6. Echoes
    by Call To Arms
  7. Cold Heart
    by HyprDrivr
  8. Sacrament
    by Scathed
  9. Petrify
    by Scathed
  10. Południca
    by Wrathu & EKK
  11. by Alien Weaponry
  12. Northern Memory (Vol. 1)
    by Tengger Cavalry
    Lone Wolf (video) Lone Wolf (video)
  13. Northern Memory (Vol. 2)
    by Tengger Cavalry
    The Moment The Moment
  14. Unity
    by FAVORIT89
  15. Temple Of Human Destruction
    by Organ Blender
    The Blending The Blending
    Not often you see 3-piece bands making so much noise.
    Machine gun percussion, some proper shredding.
    Guys are taking no prisoners, their riffs are gentle like a brick.
    Prepare for kick in the nuts and enjoy the ride.

    Also – saw them live in Dublin. 10/10 – would blend again.
    appears in 1 other collection
  16. Nature G: Dark Poetry
    by Tengger Cavalry
    Cynical Cynical
  17. Post Apocalyptic Soundtracks
    by Voytek Pavlik
    by Carpenter Brut
    Turbo Killer Turbo Killer
  19. The New Light - Reissue
    by ARCANA
  20. Citizen Of Glass
    by Agnes Obel
    Familiar Familiar
    Ashes Ashes
  22. 2107AD
    by The Future is Now
    Bourgeoisie_Enter the Robo-Khan Bourgeoisie_Enter the Robo-Khan
  23. Matrix Overload
    by HyprDrivr
  24. Cracked
    by Synthwave Goose
    Another great release from Synthwave Goose. Its a perfect combination - all the atmosphere that I liked in the previous work, yet everything here is new.

    While I have my favorite: Hacking, Cyberpunk, Null, Skyscrapers, Welcome to Anthill, Update - there is no weak or mediocre tracks here. So I always listen the whole album.

    Highly recommended for fans of Synthwave.
    by NIGHTRUN87
  26. From the Depths
    by Karybdis
    I Say I Say
  27. In the Shadow of Paradise
    by Karybdis
  28. Samsara
    by Karybdis
  29. Nightwolf: Survive The Megadome
    by NIGHTRUN87
  30. Hell Over Salem
    by Lords Of Salem
    Hell Over Salem Hell Over Salem
  31. The Beginning
    by FAVORIT89
    Epic stuff! This is everything I was counting on... and more.
  32. Years
    by FAVORIT89
  33. Miami drive
    by FAVORIT89
  34. Plastic Hearts feat. Mygreen
    by FAVORIT89
  35. Winter Kills (Deluxe Version)
    by DevilDriver
  36. AudioDope
    by Dropout Kings
  37. Outlaws 'Til The End, Vol. 1
    by DevilDriver
    by LɅNights
  39. Easy Song
    by Synthwave Goose
  40. Blade Runner 2049
    by Synthwave Goose
  41. Knife In A Pocket
    by Synthwave Goose
  42. Postnuclear Trip to Nowhere
    by Extinkt
  43. Sunny
    by Synthwave Goose
  44. Aerobicide
    by Synthwave Goose
  45. Goodbye, Will Byers
    by Synthwave Goose