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  1. A Swell Swoon A NBTMusicRadio Compilation
    by NBTMusicRadio
    Stella Diana - M9 Stella Diana - M9
    Indie music fans need to reach out and nab this compilation from NBTMusicRadio where there's something here for everyone and the compilation flows very well.

    My personal favs are:

    *** The Ether - Driving To Iceland,
    *** Sounds of Sputnik - Shades of the Cosmos,
    *** Lizzy Diane - ISFP,
    *** 88 Kilos of Sunshine - Open Letter,
    *** Somerfaan - Polisiehelikopter,
    *** My Darling Clementine - I Can't Live With You If You Can't Live With Yourself,
    *** Midget Submarine - Siren,
    *** Stella Diana - M9
  2. Matt Chamberlain-- Comet B
    by Matt Chamberlain
    Oscillating Eagle Oscillating Eagle
    This is hands down the most amazing record of 2016.
  3. Repeating Cycles feat. LaMeduza
    by KJ Sawka
    I love LaMeduza's voice and KJ Sawka's beats. I'm very privileged to be working with both of them where they are heavily featured on 2 different Radioactive X Girlfriend records, released in 2016 and 2017.
  4. Mary Of Silence
    by Mazzy Star
    One of my favorite tracks by Mazzy Star, and one of my favorite vocal performances by Hope Sandoval.
  5. December (Neuroticfish Remix)
    by Assemblage 23
  6. Endure
    by Assemblage 23
    The title track is an an epic soundtrack for 2016. Tom Shear remixed We Will Not Be Denied for Radioactive X Girlfriend (RxGF) in 2016. I need to feature that here on BandCamp. I'll do it soon.
  7. Anti Body
    by Gazelle Twin
    I love everything about this song. The tension, the sound design, and the simplicity that pierces through the chaos.
  8. Few More Days To Go
    by Fufanu
    Now Now
    Fufanu has one of the freshest new sounds I've heard in ages. This band has incredible musical character and I love their arrangements.
  9. Live at SpaceFest!
    by Pure Phase Ensemble 5 ft. Hugo Race
    Fly Through the Fire Fly Through the Fire
    This is what I listen to as I'm designing an album cover for a new release. It's inspiring and the musicianship is outstanding.
  10. The bitter tears of Petra von Kant/ Reiner Werner Fassbinder . OST
    by Nalyssa Green
    Change Change
    Nalyssa Green is an amazing talent. I love her voice, her arrangements, and I like the musicians she chooses to play with. As both a songwriter and producer I have to say that she is one of those artists that brings an incredible amount of depth to her records.
  11. Κοκτέιλ
    by Nalyssa Green
    This song makes me happy.
  12. Conflict Free Diamonds
    by Kinski
    I saw Kinski live at the Comet Tavern (when they still used to feature live music) in Seattle (where there was no stage) and had the privilege of hearing every instrument up close. These guys bring a classic crunch and punch to instrumentals, and I love the unintended humour they bring to the edges of their themes.
  13. 7 (or 8)
    by Kinski
    Detroit Trickle Down Detroit Trickle Down
    This record really kicks ass. The best stoner rock instrumentalists on the planet. They own that niche and a few others too IMHO.
  14. Bailing Water
    by Jen Gloeckner
    This song contains all the depth and wonder that Jen brings to her music. I hope to work with Jen on a future song or record ! Cheers, Jen !
  15. Mouth Of Mars
    by Jen Gloeckner
    This is my very favorite song of Jen's. She has so much talent and vocal character. A standout musician and artist in today's super-cookie-cutter world.
  16. Because Of This
    by Mark Lanegan
    The song is perfect as-is. But I would still love to re-record this song with John Densmore on drums and John Paul Jones on Bass with Mark singing. A producer can dream, can't he?
  17. Borracho
    by Mark Lanegan
    I just love that line....

    F*** yourselves, I need some more room to breathe.

  18. Shanty Man's Life
    by Mark Lanegan
    Nothing reminds me of being amongst the ancient cedars and lonely shore pines than this song. Also, both of my children will always remember this tune as the song I would sing them to sleep with as I lay on my back playing my classical guitar.
  19. Mockingbirds
    by Mark Lanegan
    This song (somehow) carried me through my latter years of university. I believe this to be one of Jack Endino's finest recordings ever, and one of Mark's most haunting records through and through.
  20. Ugly Sunday
    by Mark Lanegan
    appears in 1 other collection
  21. Creeping Coastline of Lights
    by Mark Lanegan
    One of my favorite Mark Lanegan songs ever. Barrett Martin on vibes !