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  1. Arise
    by Pire
    Wo-ow. Smashing slap in the face... You guys made my day. Can't wait for a full LP...
  2. Ancient Lights ST Deluxe Album
    by Ancient Lights
  3. Nameless Ghouls EP (PRSPCT039)
    by Shadow Sect
    I'm totally new to breakcore, but this is quite cool...
  4. Even Weight
    by enduser
    Distance Distance
    I'm a metalhead. I donno why I like this, but it's cool...
  5. II
  6. Ciclos
    by Jardín de la Croix
  7. Letargo
    by Jardín de la Croix
  8. Refractions
    by Lowrider
    Pipe Rider Pipe Rider
    Where . have . you . been ? After the cult "Ode To Io" I've been checking for info on the band and new releases for a long while, with nothing to be found at my great despair. Now I see that there was actually nothing. Waw. But what an album you guys just released again! What an album... Already looking forward to "Ode to Callisto" now ;-)
  9. Ode to io Deluxe Edition
    by Lowrider
    Cult stoner band, and album (from 2000).

    Fu Manchu, Lowrider, Kyuss, more recently maybe Sun Of Man...
  10. Ogives
    by HGU
    appears in 1 other collection
  11. Ogives
    by HGU
  12. Ogives
    by HGU
    appears in 1 other collection
  13. D'autres foudres d'un autre Jupiter
    by HGU
  14. Early Bird
    by GYOZA
  15. GYOZA
    by GYOZA
  16. Mea Culpa
    by khohd
    Taste of Dagoba Taste of Dagoba
    Punchy, melodic and pounding... Khohd. What else ?
  17. Live @ L'AnneXe 2016
    by khohd
  18. Khohd - First E.P.
    by khohd
    by Intrcptr
    Following Ben Carr since the very first CD came out... and now rediscovering the mind and sound of 5ive so many years after Hesperus (2008) ... What.A.Pleasure!
  20. Mitau
    by Audrey Fall