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  1. demian
    by Gabü
    empty house dance party empty house dance party
    appears in 1 other collection
  2. metanoia
    by Persefone
    Katabasis Katabasis
    Great riffs, very good prog. Extremely high production value. Lots of fun to listen to, Persefone always brings some mind-bending riffs to the table.
  3. Oxidized
    by Frontierer
    I always preorder Frontierer
  4. Punisher
    by Phoebe Bridgers
    I Know The End I Know The End
    Just a really great album, incredible storytelling. Wonderful textures, and writing decisions that simply serve the song. Wonderful.
  5. Etemen Ænka
    by DVNE
    They did it again! Honestly, Dvne is (in my humble opinion) one of the best bands out there right now that is really putting out extremely high quality music consistently. Also, being somewhat younger, it feels really good to see a band come up in popularity somewhat after I got into them, not the other way around. This is an important band to keep an eye on in the future, and I look forward to hearing what else they have to offer.
  6. Omega Severer
    by DVNE
    Omega Severer Omega Severer
    It's Dvne, always so much to love with anything they release. Omega Severer is just absolutely incredible, and Of Blade and Carapice is a wonderful re-recording from their Aurora Majesty EP. Dvne proved themselves to be geniuses of the progressive/sludge genre with Asheran, and it's nice to hear that they continue to impress in sound, scape, and musicianship.
  7. Deathconsciousness
    by Have a Nice Life
    Bloodhail Bloodhail
    Do you feel sad? Unmotivated? Restless? Numb? Just Straight Up Depressed? Try this one. It might be the soundtrack you didn't know you needed.
  8. Demo
    by Witch Culture
    You You
    They grow up so fast.
  9. The Deal
    by SUMAC
    Thorn In The Lion's Paw Thorn In The Lion's Paw
    I usually don't really like supergroups. This is definitely an exception. The lineup is a mashup of three excellent musicians (Aaron Turner, Brian Cook, Nick Yacychyn), all of whom have taken part in genre-defining works. Several times. If you're into sludge, or deathdoom, or really just heavy, crushing music, listen to this.
  10. birds / surfers
    by Plini
    birds birds
    Plini is incredible. Don't question, just listen. It's always worth it.
  11. Thrall
    by Wren
    Thrall is massive. Find the time, sit down, listen to the whole thing, then do it again. So heavy it desensitizes you. The dirt and grime become a part of the background and you are left with incredible melancholy.
  12. Host
    by Wren
    No Seance No Seance
    Wren is one of those bands. You kind of know what you're getting into, but they always manage to surprise you. It's the little things, that make this album interesting. Definitely requires multiple listen to fully digest this album, but the payoff is huge.
  13. Endless Detainment
    by Serpent Column
    Wars Waged in Private I Wars Waged in Private I
    Okay, so I said that Mirror in Darkness was their heaviest album. That was a lie. This is their heaviest album. Absolute chaos, buy it immediately, and play it until your brains blow.
  14. Amadjar
    by Tinariwen
    Amalouna (feat. Noura Mint Seymali, Stephen O’Malley) Amalouna (feat. Noura Mint Seymali, Stephen O’Malley)
    Just a beautiful album. No two ways about it. There is so much humanity and soul in their singing and the way they approach the songs. Pure happiness, captured in song form.
  15. Blood Moon
    by Validine Chronus
    Mission Control (Concern) Mission Control (Concern)
    As I get older, I search for stranger, more experimental music. For me, at this point in time, Validine Chronus scratches that itch that I didn't know needed to be scratched. The layering and soundscapes on this album are just wonderful and really deliver a sense of panic, but also peace. Like coming to terms with death at the last possible second and wading into a warm ocean.
  16. Orange Mathematics
    by Frontierer
    Loved it so much I bought it twice! One to rock, one to stock. Digital and physical copies, respectively.
  17. Decay and Other Hopes Against Progress
    by Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
    Four Cubits and a Span Four Cubits and a Span
    Going back to this album after listening to their others (which I won't name because their names are too long) is almost refreshing. I can hear the evolution, but at the same time, there is a sense of familiarity that can be found in this album, almost feels like a personal grudge.
  18. Tell Me What You See Vanishing and I Will Tell You Who You Are
    by Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
    Genesis of the Daffodil Genesis of the Daffodil
    If you like sludge, buy this album. It has sludge in droves. Pure, unbridled hate and absolute terror is how I would describe this album, Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean always deliver.
  19. Mirror in Darkness
    by Serpent Column
    Seinsvergessenheit Seinsvergessenheit
    Serpent Column have been releasing surprise albums here and there since their first release, Ornuthi Thalassa. Like the rest of their albums, this is a black metal masterpiece. This is also their heaviest album to date, and brings the scope of Invicta together with the aggressiveness of Ornuthi Thalassa to create a disgusting collection of songs.
  20. Auburn Rule
    by Wren
    The Herd The Herd
    This album is ridiculously heavy, not for any crazy proggy riffs though, the atmosphere that Wren capture on this album is just perfect. Absolutely heart-wrenching.