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  1. Decay and Other Hopes Against Progress
    by Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
  2. Tell Me What You See Vanishing and I Will Tell You Who You Are
    by Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
  3. Mirror in Darkness
    by Serpent Column
  4. Auburn Rule
    by Wren
  5. Irk | Wren
    by Irk | Wren
  6. Mordial
    by Car Bomb
  7. The Gold & Silver Sessions
    by Elder
    Weißensee Weißensee
    Elder, Elder, Elder. Good lord, how I've waited for a follow up to Reflections. This isn't a full album, and has no lyrics. Think of this as Elder cementing themselves as the Grateful Dead's cooler, more hip cousin.
  8. Red Fog
    by Quantum Trio
    Hawk In Hawk In
    I hope you like, no, LOVE jazz. Because these guys can hang with the best of them. Crazy musical elements thrown every which way make for one of the most thrilling modern jazz fusion pieces I've heard in a long, long time.
  9. Sufferer
    by Sufferer
    Chapter III Chapter III
    Sufferer is kind of a supergroup for me in the same way that Soen is a supergroup. I only know one member but that one member is really fucking good and the rest match him. The one member I knew going into this project was Shane of Hail The Sun, and I'm glad to hear that the progginess still lives on but just as glad to hear an album so focused on mental illness as this one. Too many people sleep on this album and more should listen to it for therapeutic reasons. Also it's just really good.
  10. Wake
    by Hail The Sun
    Falling On Deaf Ears Falling On Deaf Ears
    Quite possibly Hail The Sun's best release, Wake shows Hail The Sun to be, well, Hail The Sun. Be ready for sick riffs, amazing lyrics, great singing, drumming and musicianship all around. With that said, hail (praise) the sun!
  11. Handmade Cities
    by Plini
    Electric Sunrise Electric Sunrise
    I sure hope he makes another full length soon. Don't question, just listen.
  12. Sunhead
    by Plini
    Kind Kind
    And he's back! You know the drill. Don't question, just listen.
  13. Invicta
    by Serpent Column
    Asphodel Asphodel
    Serpent Column returns with a bit of an oddball release. Ornuthi Thalassa was a great black metal album, possibly one of the best black metal releases in recent years in my opinion. Invicta is weird. Very weird. Which I happen to enjoy, but if you want to enjoy this EP too, be sure that you like ambient stuff as well as "trve cvlt" black metal. Just don't get lost, as you might never come back. Or do, it's your prerogative.
  14. Progenitor
    by DVNE
    Protostar Protostar
    Now, obviously, Asheran is the superior album, but knowing that Dvne's first effort was also a great release just solidifies this group at the top of the "up-and-comers" group of modern metal. Right up there with Jinjer, Car Bomb, Frontierer, Elder and many others.
  15. I Carry My Awareness of Defeat like a Banner of Victory
    by Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
    With Every Wrist Outstretched With Every Wrist Outstretched
    If you like sludge, buy this EP. What more can I say, really? Sludge is, well, sludgy.
  16. King Of Everything
    by Jinjer
    I Speak Astronomy I Speak Astronomy
    I, like most other people, it seems, were introduced to Jinjer through Pisces reaction videos on Youtube. Fortunately, Jinjer are not a one hit wonder. Think Opeth but a little more modern and RnB influenced.
  17. Fire by the Silos
    by Toska
    Abomasum Abomasum
    Youtube and guitar legend Rabea Massad, basslord Dave and drummer extraordinaire Ben Minal are BACK! With a full album! If you liked Ode to the Author, this album has that same progginess, heaviness and ambiance, except it turns everything up to 11. Do not do your ears the injustice of letting this release pass you by.
  18. The End Of Everything
    by Plini
    Paper Moon Paper Moon
    If you STILL haven't gotten enough Plini, well, you already know the deal. Don't question, just listen.
  19. Sweet Nothings
    by Plini
    Tarred & Feathered Tarred & Feathered
    If you listened to Other Things and found yourself looking for more, I couldn't recommend this EP more. Don't question, just listen.
  20. Other Things
    by Plini
    Heart Heart
    You like jazz? You like prog? You'll like Plini. Don't question, just listen.
  21. January EP
    by Witch Culture
    Alone Alone
    They're alright.
  22. Vagabond
    by Subterranean Masquerade
    Place for Fairytales Place for Fairytales
    Do you like prog? Good, I see you're well cultured. Either way, this album scratches that prog itch while swirling around some beautiful sounds from their home, Israel. It's not every day you get to listen to a prog metal/jazz fusion/world music band from Israel, and if you ever get the chance, you should jump on it, i.e. this album. Now.
  23. Woum
    by Cloudkicker
    Dovetail Dovetail
    Think Let Yourself Be Huge but in a more Beacons-era light. That is to say, proggy, ambient, post-rocky and every bit as playful and joyous as the rest of Ben Sharp's collection.
  24. Let Yourself Be Huge
    by Cloudkicker
    The word water The word water
    If you've bought this album unknowingly, I sure hope you like post rock. This album is a little short but nevertheless, Ben Sharp proves himself to be more versatile than we could have imagined. On this album, he creates concise, pretty, mesmerizing musical ideas that build, ebb, and flow with the playfulness of a child's curiosity.
  25. POW! Right In The Kisser!
    by Hail The Sun
    Orion Orion
    While definitely not their best, POW! is a very solid first endeavor by math rock/post hardcore outfit Hail The Sun. If you're into what they do, and you like Wake or Elephantitis, listen to this album with lower expectations. Their stellar songwriting is here and their top notch musicianship is also present but it is clear that they haven't fully found their sound yet. Regardless, this is still a decent release with the solid hooks and catchy riffs that we've come to expect from HTS.
  26. Time Travel Dilemma
    by Spaceslug
    Osiris Osiris
    Lemanis was an amazing album and, while I enjoy it more than Time Travel Dilemma, this is certainly an excellent follow-up to their first effort.
  27. Eye The Tide
    by Spaceslug
    Words Like Stones Words Like Stones
    These guys are, in my opinion, one of the greatest stoner/sludge band that have popped up in recent years. Sure, you have the "old gods" like Sleep, Electric Wizard, and Kyuss but Spaceslug brings something new to the table. They're fresh, and it seems like they've got no thought of stopping anytime soon.
  28. Meta
    by Car Bomb
    Sets Sets
    If you like Car Bomb (first, check out Frontierer) get this album. It brings all the heaviness and jazz from Centralia and w^ and brings it up a notch. Several notches, actually. Learn it, live it, love it.
  29. Earth Diver
    by Cormorant
    Daughter of Void Daughter of Void
    Cormorant is an interesting band. Personally, I don't like black metal. I like black metal with other things though(see Vektor) and Cormorant kind of goes against this. Cormorant is black metal mixed with progressive songwriting. Killer riffs and interesting song structures lure you into this black metal masterpiece.
  30. Unloved
    by Frontierer
    Darkside Moonstroll Darkside Moonstroll
    H O L Y S H I T.
    This album reminds me a lot of Meshuggah's newest album (Violent Sleep of Reason) in that as soon as the album starts, it DOESN'T STOP. This album is literally out to kill you. A lot of people might not dig this album but I'd say just to keep in mind that Frontierer is probably the punk-iest prog band EVER. Just riff after riff after riff and just when you think its gonna let up it winds up and hits you again.
  31. Lemanis
    by Spaceslug
    Supermassive Supermassive
    WOW. Holy stoner metal, Batman! Light your bongs, grab a beer and CHILL THE FUCK OUT. Beautiful compositions with unexpected highs and lows create a truly amazing stoner metal album. Spaceslug's first effort is PSYCHEDELIC.
  32. Asheran
    by DVNE
    Thirst Thirst
    After some conversations with an old friend, I came to the conclusion that this album was the best release of 2017 and possibly the best sludge album released in this decade. Not exactly an easy feat. There was a lot of great music that year, but Dvne kicked it up a notch and showed the metal world that sludge is not to be forgotten about. If you like leviathan era mastodon, old school prog rock and psychedelic atmosphere, this album is for you.
  33. Elephantitis
    by Hail The Sun
    Eight-Ball, Coroner's Pocket Eight-Ball, Coroner's Pocket
    A good friend introduced me to Hail the Sun and I can only say that I never cease to be amazed with their incredible music. Heavy, playful, serious, disgusting and insightful, Elephantitis reveals Hail the Sun to be very, very versatile.
  34. Lore
    by Elder
    Compendium Compendium
    Goodness Gracious.
    When I first stumbled onto Elder with their 2017 release "Reflections of a Floating World" I was instantly hooked." Who comes up with these riffs?" Thankfully, these guys do and in their third release, "Lore", Elder begins to fine tune their songwriting. Sometimes, I feel like they outdo PINK FLOYD in pure songwriting skill and ability to conceptualize simple and complex ideas into an album.
  35. Dead Roots Stirring
    by Elder
    In my opinion, this is Elder's first truly great album. It is with this release that Elder begins to truly develop their unique style and, subsequently is where they begin to transcend classification. Stoner metal? Groove metal? Prog metal? Sludge metal? Heavy-Acid Rock? What is it? Only the listener and the artists can determine that. Dead Roots Stirring is truly unique and is a diamond among groove-heavy music.
  36. Dreaming of Sleep
    by Tetrafusion
    10,001 10,001
    Beautifully produced prog. Love it. Yet another must buy for any fan of progressive music. Amazing bass lines, drumming, heavenly vocals and virtuosic guitar work make for an extremely well put together album.
  37. Ornuthi Thalassa
    by Serpent Column
    Feuersäule Feuersäule
    This is another black metal album that for some reason I dig. A lot. The riffs are punishing and complex, and the whole album's production sounds like it was recorded through a toaster in all the right ways. Absolutely brutal.
  38. Aathma
    by Persefone
    Prison Skin Prison Skin
    We have reached PEAK PROG ladies and djentlemen. Persefone slightly resembles Between the Buried and Me mixed with some Opeth. These guys have mastered the art of prog-metal and do not let up in their progginess for the whole album. If you LOVE prog (and I mean LOVE it) this is the album for you. By no means is this sound unique, but Persefone manages to do it SO MUCH better than their contemporaries that it really doesn't matter.
  39. Black Future
    by Vektor
    Forests of Legend Forests of Legend
    Holy shit, this album is insane. Definitely Vektor at their rawest and most unrefined. Unbridled speed mixed with more riffs than I can count and amazing musicality. Vektor, now sadly separated, stood as one of the best new wave thrash metal bands.
  40. Reflections of a Floating World
    by Elder
    Blind Blind
    I only recently got into Elder, but I find myself falling in love with a new aspect of their music every time I listen to a song. All of the tracks are shining examples of post/prog rock mixed with acid rock and sludge metal. Absolutely stellar stuff, I really can't wait for their next album and what it may bring.
  41. Ode to the Author
    by Toska
    Illumo Illumo
    This album is nothing short of amazing. Ben, Bea and Dave have started off their career as Toska with an amazingly inspirational EP. Perfect blends of pure unrelenting heaviness mixed with beautifully crafted chord change and mind blowing riffage are what they offer up to the table. Truly a work of art and a must listen for any fans of projects like Kylver, Soen, Cloudkicker and Dissona.
  42. Beacons
    by Cloudkicker
    Amy, I love you. Amy, I love you.
    This album is absolutely bonkers. As a huge fan of prog-metal, this album hits all the right spots and presses the envelope at all the right times. It manages to keep you intrigued right up until the very last track. Absolutely a must buy.
  43. Subsume
    by Cloudkicker
    You could laugh forever but never end up happy. You could laugh forever but never end up happy.
    In the words of Maynard James Keenan: "Holy fucking shit." This album is not necessarily about being the loudest kid on the block. With that said, Sharp does not hesitate to absolutely pummel you into the ground with mind boggling riffs and time changes. If you're into prog-metal, buy this now. Right now.
  44. Ex Tenebris
    by FREE
    Sisyphus Sisyphus
    Once again, Free bring a great (however short) bundle of music to the table. In all honesty, this has probably got to be their most emotionally charged album since Songs to Scream at the Sun. Intensely heavy riffs and smart, powerful lyrics show the hardcore scene (and possibly the world) how much we can improve and how far we've come.
  45. Remission (Remastered)
    by Mastodon
    Mother Puncher Mother Puncher
    What a kick ass album, definitely one for the ages. When Mastodon first exploded onto the scene with their self titled demo, everyone knew that they were going places. This album is only the beginning of an amazing career.