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  1. New York, New York
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. N A P S
    by trog'low
    h e a r t h e a r t
  2. Scramthum
    by Letherette
  3. c.u.later
    by allthesefingers
    highway 2 heaven highway 2 heaven
    More of that warped madness from atf. Perfect soundtrack for those late night cruises through Kalimari Desert and Rainbow Road.
  4. tïck
    by allthesefingers
    2nd floor fountain 2nd floor fountain
    This is that green herb, handgun ammo and typewriter ink ribbon shit
  5. More Good
    by Batsauce
    appears in 1 other collection
  6. Crown Jewelz: Lost Jewelz 1
    by King I Divine
    The Lost Jewelz The Lost Jewelz
    Perhaps we will meet again...piratesssss
  7. hart (sky's reprise)
    by trog'low
  8. Low End Crew Connect
    by King
  9. lvlysmile//dntstop
    by ELWD
    This is a dope, dusty ass flip.
  10. Gentle Touch
    by Constrobuz
  11. 300 years
    by Schadillac
  12. Stockwell EP
    by allthesefingers
    Bomb & Run Bomb & Run
  13. Archetypes & Windfalls
    by allthesefingers
    Regalness Regalness
  14. Circles Vol. 1 LP
    by allthesefingers
    The Fish The Fish
    A funky spin through the zodiac. Definitely a keeper.
  15. Pleasant Days LP
    by allthesefingers
    Morical Morical
    Faxanadu cartridges, ATF and soggy spliffs make for one rad sesh. No matches please.
  16. Aleluia
    by Big Ben Beats
  17. All We Need
    by Javier Santiago
  18. Caught Em All
    by Constrobuz
  19. Tutu
    by Stay Classy
  20. Most Forgotten
    by S.Maharba
    M/L/M/H M/L/M/H
    Moody. Heartfelt. Elegant. Atmospheric. Dope.
  21. No Way To Stay
    by The Cancel
    Just Move Just Move
    Soulful, cinematic ish. Much respect. Peace from Brooklyn!
  22. FoolKilla
    by Jeremiah Bonez
    Snake featuring Tor-C Snake featuring Tor-C
    appears in 1 other collection
  23. Soon It's Gonna Rain
    Smooth as butter
  24. powermoves[85]w/outro
    by DIBIA$E
  25. 9. evt
    by lee (asano+ryuhei)
  26. NetAfoch
    by Brenk Sinatra & Fid Mella
    appears in 1 other collection
    by Schadillac
    appears in 1 other collection
  28. beats vol. 7
    by Constrobuz
    Your Soul Is Mine Your Soul Is Mine
    Constrobuz is an amazing, unique talent. He has a signature sound while staying true to the roots of choppers and loop diggers before him.
  29. Yiggy Yo
    by Luvjonez
    Love the way that "Yo" vocal sample is mixed in with the beat. Some real emotion on display with this joint. Luv Jones is dope as usual.
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  30. golden pears
    by allthesefingers
    danz4m3 danz4m3
    ATF bodied the end of '16 with more of that grimy, shadowy shit. These Golden Pears are dope. Good balance between his infinitely sinister loops and his classic dusty melodic style.
  31. Will You Think Of Me
    by trog'low
  32. When I Die
    by trog'low
  33. All Over Town Feat. Davenport Grimes
    by The Audible Doctor