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  1. Боги и Герои / Gods and Heroes
    by Рабор
    Старые Боги / Old Gods Старые Боги / Old Gods
  2. Fragments
    by Mr.Kitty
    Hell Hell
    How to shatter your mind in a good way is here...
    A big lvl up for Mr. kitty!
  3. TIME (North American Edition)
    by Mr.Kitty
    Child of the Earth Child of the Earth
    This music helps you to understand that being sad and drepesive in not that bad at all :)
    Dance in your own tears, like me...
  4. Let Your Heart Break
    by Fennec
    Sonderlurch Sonderlurch
    So many genres, and so many sweet melodies that go directly to your heart. First time i heard "sonderlurch" i notice myself being looking to the roof with a calm smile... you must have this!
  5. Alpine Breeze EP
    by Oscillist
    Frozen In Time Frozen In Time
  6. Mild Case
    by weldroid
    Iron Loss Iron Loss
    For me, the best EP of Weldroid, the four tracks take you out of your consciousness instantly, and make you submerge in the vibe of the album almost immediately.
  7. 11 Years
    by Southern
    Cahaba Cahaba
  8. Behind the Corner
    don't look there don't look there
  9. Austerity Measures
    by Goodhands Team
    tdlwvs tdlwvs
  10. Phantomile EP
    by Actraiser
    The King Is Dead The King Is Dead
    For me, the best release in the label, i made a little contribution to it because The King Is Dead deserve it, what an awesome track...
  11. Random Signal Analysis
    by Tineidae
    Luminance Luminance
    I love all the songs of this album, that is very strange in me... but the entire album have a very nice vibe. My favorite track is Procyon, but is a little more hard than the other songs, so i reccomend Luminance :)
  12. Sanctum FPS-TD : OST
    by GSTFS
    Elysion One Elysion One
    Awesome music for a awesome game. I love the ambiental textures in it.
  13. Zorya
    by Floex
    Casanova Casanova