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  1. Death by Machines
    by Artificial Fear
    Dehumanize Dehumanize
    Gritty no-vocals metal with a strong DOOM influence that just makes you want to bang your head.
  2. Dunaj
    by Strigôň
    Kolovrátok Kolovrátok
    Strigôň have a combination of instruments and melodies that scratches my itch for traditional music just the right way.
  3. Dunaj
    by Strigôň
    Kolovrátok Kolovrátok
  4. The Witcher 3 - Sword of Destiny (ft. Erutan)
    by Jillian Aversa
  5. DEMO 2009
    by Ra Al Dee Experience
  6. "Mia" Taranis Voicepack
    by Mia Winther