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  2. Electronic
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  1. S/T 1981
    by Chacalón Y La Nueva Crema
    Por Ella, La Botella Por Ella, La Botella
  2. Son Palenque & Michi Sarmiento - Kutu Prieta pa Saranguia
    by Son Palenque new album - Afrobeat , palenque and champeta
    Pacuapa- Feat Michi Sarmiento Pacuapa- Feat Michi Sarmiento
  3. Nairobi Matata Jazz - Tamba Tamba (TBB Edit)
    by Turbo Boom-Boom
  4. BAZZERK.YRSLF - Logobi Special
    by various artists
    Blazzy Prod.- Un Baiie De Douceur Blazzy Prod.- Un Baiie De Douceur
  5. Tokoliana
    by KOKOKO!
  6. Tamoanchan EP
    by El Búho
    Cumbia de Tototl Cumbia de Tototl
  7. Selva Cosmica
    by Bruxas
  8. The Soniferous Garden
    by Auntie Flo
  9. In The Mood For Deepness
    by Alma Negra
  10. Fula Flute
    by Alma Negra
  11. Agadez
    by Alma Negra
  12. 4th Birthday Pack - Free DL
    by Baja Frequencia
    Major Lazer feat. Mr Williamz - Smooth Sailing (Baja Frequencia Cumbia Edit) Major Lazer feat. Mr Williamz - Smooth Sailing (Baja Frequencia Cumbia Edit)
  13. Luz Roja De San Marcos - El Gallo Mojado (Sibu & Joe Nagall edit)
    by Sibu
    great bouncy tropical tune, cadance fire!
  14. Angkanang EP
    by Apichat Pakwan
    E-Ong Muan Sun E-Ong Muan Sun
    deep trancedental sounds by young Thai / NL band Apichat Pakwan, merging Molam styles with electro dub fusion.
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  15. Sounds of Sisso
    by Nyege Nyege Tapes
    Ndugulawama Ndugulawama
    oh wow, the urban Singeli sound from Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) is just wild! Think of hardcore gabba the african way, with a punch of Jagwa music, Tarab sounds, dancehall horns, sirens and heavy rapping. For lover of ravey sounds, balani, shangaan, gqom and any other awesomely fast Afro-electro style. Album of the month, 2017 top10 material :)
  16. Margerita
    by Outhere Records
  17. Frente Tunupa
    by Frente Tunupa
    Austero Austero
  18. V​/​A - Fábulas - Parte II: ‘Ar Sūrya (TTR028)
    by Tropical Twista Records
    5 - Cigarra & BirdZzie - Sol e Chuva 5 - Cigarra & BirdZzie - Sol e Chuva
    amazing track, blending old Brazilian sounds with soft electronic beats, perfect summer chill tune :)
  19. DEVANEI01
    by VA
    GATS \Langlauf Auf Dem Feldberg GATS \Langlauf Auf Dem Feldberg
  20. DEVANEI05
    by VA
    Arutani \El Azul De Su Mirada Arutani \El Azul De Su Mirada
  21. San Ignacio & Jovem Palerosi \Vaporzinho
    by VA
  22. O Futuro do Passado EP
    by Ohxalá
    01. Ohxalá - Ossâim 01. Ohxalá - Ossâim
  23. Caribe - Boogat - EL Hijo de la Cumbia - Riddims & Friends - Vol 1
    by Riddim & Friends vol 1, El Hijo de la Cumbia - Wakan Tanka Records
  24. Perno y Corona
    by CehacheRespira
    Tiempos de Gloria Tiempos de Gloria
  25. Cumbia Sound
    by Lucas Lead
    Street Cumbia Street Cumbia
  26. Olita
    by Samarana & Nato
  27. No Congo No Cellphone
    by Spoek Mathambo
    contemporary electronic beats with a socio-political undertone. one for every self-respecting African music lover who looks to the future.
  28. Sifun'Imali Yethu
    by Spoek Mathambo
    contemporary electronic gqom beats with a socio-political undertone. one for every self-respecting African music lover who looks to the future.
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  29. Daniel (Grupo Zore Version)
    by Batuk
  30. Salone
    by The Kondi Band
    Titi Dem Too Service Titi Dem Too Service
    nice dubby, electrified and profound thumb piano melodies by Sorie Kondi, with great electronic production by Chief Boima. one of the better African contemporary sounds of the moment, not too miss.
  31. Rest La Maloya
    by Alain Peters
    Caloubadia (1981) Caloubadia (1981)
  32. La Flûte Des Mornes Vol.1
    by Max Cilla
    La Flûte Des Mornes La Flûte Des Mornes
  33. Jessie Mae Hemphill
    by Jessie Mae Hemphill
    Tell Me You Love Me Tell Me You Love Me
    nice raw electrified blues songs, some uptempo, some deep down. you need to dig it.
  34. Goca Dünya 7" Single
    by Altın Gün
    Goca Dünya Goca Dünya
  35. Rocks & Waves Song Circle
    by Rocks & Waves Song Circle
    I I
  36. Tenere
    by Afous d'Afous
    Nak Amahah Nak Amahah
  37. Pixvae
    by Pixvae
    La Fuga La Fuga
  38. Repeating Night 7'' Single
    by The Mauskovic Dance Band
    Weather Weather
    amazing psyche organ stuff that balances between 70's afrobeat and vintage cumbia. totally tripping stuff.
  39. Soul Sega Sa ! Indian Ocean Segas From 70s
    by Various
    Michou - Maloya Ton Tisane Michou - Maloya Ton Tisane
    psychedelic, poppy and reworked traditionals into a fuzzy 70's sound that brims with sunshine, coconut milk and palm oil. Lovely stuff!
  40. Las Flores Del Sol
    by Nilamayé
    Los Negritos Los Negritos
    blissful contemporary Afro Colombian music, made by young Colombian musicians > marimba, percussion and recurrent vocals, let them take you to a coastal musical trip!
  41. Nem Kaldi
    by Derya Yildirim & Grup Şimşek
    Gurbet Gurbet
    4 awesome covers & original compositions of Anatolian folk with super psychedelic organs, saz and the amazing voice of Derya Yildirim. New Turkish wave!
  42. Very Aomby
    by Damily
    Halandongo Halandongo
    what an album! for lovers of the fast *Tsapiky* guitar style from Madagascar > what if benga from Kenya or rumba from Congo or Zamrock from Zambia was played lo-fi and more up tempo? That's Damily for you.
  43. Echoes
    by X.A.CUTE
    x.a.cute-echoes-echoes of dead anarchists x.a.cute-echoes-echoes of dead anarchists
    deep bassy dub with ethnic cut-ups and, all the way from Kreuzberg punk central in Berlin. Urban dub that can match club vibes.
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  44. [VLEK26] Simon Hold - 7"
    by Simon Hold
    A - Maqam Bruxelloise A - Maqam Bruxelloise
  45. Alvaro Llerena Martinez - Vaca Paria (Rafael Aragon Rmx)
    by Rafael Aragon