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Rania Dimi

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  1. Dark & Sweet [2017]
    by FloveR
  2. The Last Dream Arms
    by Deeper Down
  3. Fragrances from Yesterdays (EP)
    by Moaning Silence
  4. A World Afraid Of Light
    by Moaning Silence
  5. Ghosts
    by Promethean Misery
  6. In Light of Dark Days
    by The Crawling
  7. The Nameless
    by Embrace The Darkness
  8. As You're Vanishing In Silence
    by All My Faith Lost ...
  9. Rise Of The Nephilim
    by Edenian
  10. Mournful Cry Of A Dying Sun
    by Falling Leaves
  11. Fall Of My Life (Original '07 Master)
    by Forgotten Daylight
  12. Sorrow for the Lost Lenore
    by A Dream of Poe
  13. Frostrealm
    by Suotana
  14. Winter Shades
    by Edenian
  15. As All Torn Asunder
    by When Nothing Remains
  16. Immersion
    by Dark Symphonica
  17. The Forgotten
    by Selene
  18. Warpaint
    by Wicked Faith
  19. Red Silence Lodge
    by Lethian Dreams
  20. Exodus
    by Waken Eyes