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  1. Belfast, UK
  2. Funk
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    by Radiohead
  2. The Saga
    by Morgan Guerin
  3. Madvillain Vol. 2
    by Abstract Orchestra
  4. The Power Of Your Love
    by The Spirit Of Love
  5. My Dreams Are Clouded
    by Henry Thomas & Rise
  6. Second Re$surrection - Keep On Keeping On
    by Athens Of The North
  7. Nightshade
    by Hampshire & Foat
  8. The Undisco Kidds
    by Boots For Dancing
  9. Try Love / That Boy Of Mine
    by Sparkels
  10. Henry Stone's Miami Soul - The Record Man's Finest 45s
    by Various
  11. School Dance / Sweetness
    by T'Spoon
  12. What About the Child
    by Gold
  13. Split Decision Band - Watchin' Out
    by Split Decision Band
  14. Be There In The Morning
    by Renee Geyer
  15. Hidden Stash
    by Rasputin's Stash
  16. War (Previously Unreleased 300 only Bandcamp Exclusive)
    by Herb Johnson
  17. Gangster Boy
    by The Reality Band and Show
  18. Fruit - What You Gonna Do (500 only)
    by Fruit
  19. Strange - You / Space V
    by Strange
  20. Galaxies Like Grains of Sand
    by Hampshire & Foat
  21. Vampiras / Hermanos Latinos
    by Grupo Magnético
  22. Forrest Terry
    by Forrest Terry
  23. Travelling Stanger
    by Ann Leonardo / Bill Johnson Quintet
  24. Watchin' Out / Today is the Day
    by Dirty Channels vs Danny Russell / Frazelle
  25. Something Special
    by Lew Kirton
  26. Don't You Know I Love You
    by Star Quake
  27. Chauffeur
    by Athens Of The North
  28. Simple Song
    by Athens Of The North
  29. Watchin' You / To The Sky
    by Friction Band
  30. You Done Let the Daylight Catch You / Smoke In The Disco
    by The Second Re$surrection
  31. Say It with Feeling / Conscience
    by Beverly McKay
  32. World Today
    by New World
  33. Truth is the Key / Dreamflower
    by Tarika Blue
  34. Life Is A Miracle
    by Jax Transit Authority
  35. Say Brother (Edit) / Bustin' Out of Doors (Edit)
    by Athens Of The North
  36. BAB - Party & Get On Down
    by BAB
  37. Bim Bam
    by Bill Brown
  38. I saw You
    by Nobody
  39. Stop / Doin' It Our Way
    by Broomfield Corporate Jam
  40. If You Dance Tonight
    by T'Spoon
  41. Live at the Point After - 20 Aug 1977
    by J.O.B Band
  42. Super Woman / That's What I Get
    by Beginning of the End
  43. Mr. Magic (Fryers Edit) / Talking About My Baby
    by John Heartsman
  44. Queen Of My Universe
    by Athens Of The North
  45. Everything That Looks Good
    by Bubba Suggs