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  1. of the Last Human Being
    by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
  2. The Warm, Dark Circus
    by Jack O' The Clock
    Totally dazzling! Now I can only comment on the crutches of naming other artists: Folklore imaginaire à la F. FRITH (’80/’81*, C. Brava), *G. CHENEVIER (’93 - ’03), M. PAGANI (’78 +AREA) & ProgQUÉBEC | A. MARCOEUR (!) | Le GRAND SBAM.
    Add „genes of“ C. KIHLSTED & N. FRYKDAHL (SGM, B.o.Knots, Ch. Hostess,) & A. BARNABÉ („brazilian Zappa“) & lots of mighty trombone. Of course Ramdam Fatal don’t copy „ancestors“ & peers. They stunningly realize their own mature compositions. GREAT!
  4. Doggy Fun (I love you doggy)
    by Ben Levin
  5. We Speak Luniwaz
    by Scott Kinsey
  6. Music from the Maze River
    by Dan Cantrell
    Dig Dan Cantrell here! You'll be rewarded with some very fine cuveés of chamber-, film-, balkan-, levante- & even bali-(jazz-)music. Mature compositions played virtuosly. My #1 compilation: ’noir strings 1 ’, ’the Maze River + Windswept Fields ’, ’Pinstripe’, ’purple onion chochek’, ’Moustache Duende’, ’the Man born on Wednesday’, ’Bach Bach Spindle Pie’ & ’saw and tarhu collage’. FANTASTIC! Also find the 2 enthralling CDs by ’THE TOIDS’; (co-)led by D. Cantrell ≈20 yrs ago - e.g. via discogs.
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  7. From Here A Path
    by Derrick Skye
    This track is a perfect continuation and completion of Derrick Spiva's wonderful album ’Prisms, Cycles, Leaps’ from 2015. (Click this: )
    Another fantastic version of world<>modern-chamber-crossover presented irresistibly by an ≥11piece ensemble called Bridge To Everywhere ... what else?
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  8. Dane Rudhyar: Five Stanzas; Schoenberg: Pelleas & Melisande, Op. 5
    by Colonial Symphony and Sinfóníuhljómsveit Æskunnar; PAUL ZUKOFSKY, conductor
    Had to have ’Pelléas & Mélisande’.
    This was/is a perfect opportunity!
    (Comments to ’Five Sztanzas’ might follow.)
  9. Artur Schnabel: Dance and Secret & Joy and Peace; Sonata for Solo Violin
    by PAUL ZUKOFSKY, Conductor and Violinist; THE GREGG SMITH SINGERS
  10. Moustache Duende
    by Dan Cantrell
  11. purple onion chochek
    by Dan Cantrell
  12. Bach Bach Spindle Pie
    by Dan Cantrell
    Like my other Dan C.-downloads here this piece has so many lines (layers?) interwoven so smart, so balanced with ±hidden, enchanting wow-moments ...
    And because it also "plays" with classical elements (Bach) it leads to very, very exciting comparisons with another accordion-virtuoso: Stian Carstensen.
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  13. saw and tarhu collage
    by Dan Cantrell
  14. the Man born on Wednesday
    by Dan Cantrell
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  15. Pinstripe
    by Dan Cantrell
  16. noir strings 1
    by Dan Cantrell
  17. Artur Schnabel: Symphony No. 2
  18. Reliable Sources
    by Nico Muhly & Michael Harley
    Isn't that a hopeful title in these days (jan. ’23)? But I still have to mine such reliable sources out of this wonder- and colorful bassoon concert; performed by a ±30 piece wind orchestra; including piano, bass and 4 percussionists. It's complex, adventurous, demanding but also inviting/alluring to get blissfully lost in it ... So it's a perfect companion to compile with ’We Carry Our Homes Within Us’ by yMusic (also here on BC).
  19. Monte Oculto
    by Novedades Matutinas
    Invierno Invierno
    Progressive Pop? It ± began with ’Crime of the century" by Supertramp. Not? Rarely other attempts to build pop-songs with signature elements of prog were successful. Kate Bush, Tori Amos & Björk, no question. But e.g. late G. Giant with ’2 weeks in spain’ or Chris Squire's Conspiracy or Perfect Beings? Not really and undeserved. With ’Monte Oculto’ a gem is added to this underrated inbetween genre(-family). In an own southamerican style, composed & presented so skillfully. VERY FINE & BRACING.
  20. Musical Sanatorium
    by Stian Carstensen
    ’Tails [tales?] of the unexpected’ was an audience favorite of Farmers Market. Stian C. was the main man of that totally stunning, norwegian-balkan-jazzrock band. ’Musical Sanatorium’ is an unexpected new&serious big-scale realization of the approach to such tails/tales ... sounding very different. Stian integrated other's and his jaw-dropping virtuosity (button accordeon replacing keyboard-castles & assorted guitars/strgs) in genre blending compositions along(?) 11 brain parts … WHAT? WOW !!!