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  1. Dança do Pajé
    by Hermeto Pascoal
  2. Natal (Tema Das Flautas)
    by Hermeto Pascoal
  3. Mavumvavumpefoco
    by Hermeto Pascoal
  4. Wasted Time
    by Kellen Tryon Mills
  5. The Great Steppe Live
    by Steppe-Scape (Stars of Eurasia)
  6. FACE
    by Pat Mastelotto & Markus Reuter
  7. Grand Vent
    by René Lussier
    Another remarkable work of pRIOgquebec. Lussier in a 9et (add Jean René, Viola, to the credits) again presents unique compositions with very long half-value time. Sometimes it gets rather free reminding of Henry Cow or Keep the Dog in moments. But you'll also get some solid funky jazzrock-parts with ± odd layers as well as very different but never any arbitrary music in between. Again: GREAT!
    (Greatly recorded again also!)
  8. Tombola Rasa
    by René Lussier
    Again finest pRIOg à la Quebec! Et encore: C'est unique et mirifique!! Like (at least) Lussier's ’’Fin du travail’, 'Le Corps de l'ouvrage’ (!!) & ’Grand Vent’. Check it, buy it, dig it and be happy ever after ... :-)
    P.S. If you miss drums in this nonet's credits, don't worry. Lussier & Alain Lamontagne are doing podorythmie "neo-"québécoise instead. GREAT MUSIC!
  9. The Girl from Udaipur
    by Michael Leonhart
    It's not just this track! The whole album is a very deep bigband work. It's modern, colorful (in contrast to its cover) accomplished, self-contained and what not, but it's not a total revolution. Well, trax 4 to 6 ... quite unusual to say the least. Dig it and get captured ...
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  10. Walking In The Air - Single
    by Becca Stevens Band
    This is obviously an organic add-on to Becca Steven's "Weightless"
  11. Chordae Tendineae
    by The Pneumatic Transit
  12. Angry Music for Jazz Orchestra - Volume III (revenge and variations)
    by Mass Extinction Event
    Perfect add-on* to ’Not Dark Yet’ by Nathan Parker Smith which is a little short. (* e.g. as track #6) []. Who likes that album will surely like this track. My (very high) praises there can easily be applied here.

    [Sorry. Up to now I can't appreciate ’Exigence’ that much. I'll keep trying.]
  13. Presagios / official CD
    by October Equus
    I.m.o. the most accomplished work of October Equus so far; perhaps of all albums with Ángel Ontalva as "main man". Conclusive (avant-) compositions, fine sound, colorful instrumentation (e.g. Bassoon - close to Lindsay Cooper?). Very good idea to replace the drummer! For me there is an important division of R.I.O. which I call ’Henry's Cows- & Bears-Art". ’Presagios’ is a very fine addition to that.
  14. Aventurine
    by Linda May Han Oh
    Enthralling approach to reinvent a progressive "jazz'n-3rd-stream" that doesn't need to demonstrate muscles or virtuositiy. Very unusual but accomplished compositions, that remain digestable inspite of all complexities. Clear and very colourful sound - jazz4tet + string4tet + vox5tet !?!! Really ADORABLE.
  15. Not Dark Yet
    by Nathan Parker Smith
    Absolutely thrilling bigband jazzrock. Metal? Hmh? ’Not dark yet’ immediately reminded me of Baird Hersey & The Year of the Ear (’75 - ’80; 3 albums). I.m.o. this is a FANTASTIC continuation & variation of Hersey's punching & brilliantly recorded music in the late 70s. Sometimes you "only" have to wait for 40 years, to get more of what you're really after.
  16. Every Night Something Happens
    by Lost Crowns
    Wow! A real surprise: In 2019 a quite talented "prog"-7tet settles firmly on fertile soil, which they discovered between the districts of R.I.O. (esp. Thinking Plague) and Canterbury (esp. bands with Richard Sinclair on vox) ... Well, the sound of drums and perhaps of bass ... is somewhat ... ?hmh?... But ± everything else is just very, very good. Glad, I didn't overlook this FINE music.
  17. In the Heathland
    by a.P.A.t.T.
    I recommend not just this track from ’Ogadimma’. I also do with ’Liverwart’ and even more with ’Two Fifths Julie Walters’ & ’Mumbo Jumbo’. (Those are free. So, not shown in my bc-collection.) Fantastic! Go diggin' a.P.A.t.T.'s œvre! You'll find gems, you never could even dream of. OK, beside tracks you might not listen to a 2nd time ...
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  18. Marmalade
    by a.P.A.t.T.
  19. I Glanced Upon A Tudor Parade
    by a.P.A.t.T.
  20. And She Looked at the Swan
    by a.P.A.t.T.
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