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Joe Chip

  1. Lille, France
  2. Electronic
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  1. Vault II
    by Sysdemes
    The Angels Weep For Your Sins The Angels Weep For Your Sins
  2. Serotonin II
    by yeule
    Pretty Bones Pretty Bones
  3. Expressions
    by Max Cooper
    Enveloped Enveloped
  4. Mirror
    by LLLL
    Oddness Oddness
  5. All You Could Do
    by Alex Banks
    All You Could Do (Phon.o Remix) All You Could Do (Phon.o Remix)
  6. Red Suits You So Well
    by YverNol
  7. Whitebear x Mumukshu- Impact
    by Whitebear
  8. MOR
    by Whitebear
    Whitebear- False Prophets Whitebear- False Prophets
    by Katie Kim
  10. Meta Pattern Landscape [FD​-​DIG 011]
    by Satoshi Kanno
  11. A Curious Tale Of Trials + Persons
    by Little Simz
    Tainted Tainted
  12. The Border EP [FD-DIG 002]
    by Satoshi Kanno
    The Oath The Oath
  13. Cyclical
    by Ital Tek
    Cyclical Cyclical
  14. Dark Jovian
    by Amon Tobin
    Io Io
  15. Vault I
    by Sysdemes
    Lottery Lottery
  16. Fears
    by YverNol
    Singer is a friend...aaaaaand I also happen to like his music.
  17. Hollowed
    by Ital Tek
    Murmur Murmur
    Already bought that one on another account...aaand I'm broke as f**k but whatever, it's Ital Tek stuff ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. Seraph
    by Ital Tek
    Seraph Seraph
    Because it's Ital Tek, my favorite artist ever.
  19. Dream Boundary
    by Ital Tek
  20. Outland
    by Ital Tek