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  1. The YouTube Compilation
    by Token
  2. Entropic Man
    by Tombstone da Deadman
  3. IV. The Nausea
    by Syqnys (Sickness)
  4. The Rap Guide to Medicine
    by Baba Brinkman
  5. The Rap Guide to Religion
    by Baba Brinkman
  6. Type I : The Kardashev Scale
    by Greydon Square
    2010 A.D. (feat. Syqnys & TaskRok) 2010 A.D. (feat. Syqnys & TaskRok)
  7. Type II : The Mandelbrot Set
    by Greydon Square
    4th 4th
  8. The Cpt Theorem
    by Greydon Square
    2008 A.D. (feat. Jayez Dallas, TaskRok, Mr. Gawn & Syqnys) 2008 A.D. (feat. Jayez Dallas, TaskRok, Mr. Gawn & Syqnys)
  9. The Compton Effect
    by Greydon Square
    Addressed Addressed
  10. Rise of The Reapers
    by Tombstone da Deadman
  11. Rise of the Infidel
    by Tombstone Da Deadman
    Purpose Purpose
    This track was the first song I heard on youtube that backed up my views on organised religion. I listened to this song over an over before even starting to listen to any of the other songs. It got me into the whole genre. Great album as well.
  12. #GUniverse Presents: Death Lives
    by Tombstone Da Deadman
    One Percent One Percent
  13. The Misunderstanding
    by Traumah Brahma
    Blasphemi feat. Greydon Square Blasphemi feat. Greydon Square
  14. Me vs. Rent
    by Gabe Caruso
    Life O' Crime Life O' Crime
  15. III. Hypatia's Reign
    by Syqnys (Sickness)
    Science is Music Science is Music
  16. The Tour Guide Mixtape
    by Bitter Belief
    8. Pulling me under Feat. Cortext & Complete 8. Pulling me under Feat. Cortext & Complete